Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cherry's block

Hi friends!
Another one bits the dust!

My quilt wall is getting full. But there are still some greats blocks to make. the canning jars for example.
The start to my sheep!
That looked like fur to me! A dirty fur!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Pumpkin Block

Hi friends!
My Pumpkin block!
I had more orange than I knew!
As you can tell I am really enjoying these blocks.
This is a woven block, just liked the look of it. Not in the book !
I seem to be stuck making blocks.
Next the Cherry and sheep!
I cut some pieces of the sheep yesterday, all I did all weekend !
I have been lazy this weekend.
We went to church yesterday and heard the quartet  "The Doves". They were great! Those ladies had a great pair of lungs on them. They could hold a note the longest I think I have ever heard.
Wish I had gotten a picture but was not brave enough to take one in church.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Finish

Hi friends!
This is my Friday finish, made it on my other blog   "ASIMPLYGREAT" 
Here   For my next door neighbor who has cancer, hopefully she has beat it!
 We didn't know she had it till right before Christmas when I was working on 5 quilts for Christmas presents so I couldn't start on it until after Christmas.
The wind was just trying to left it up when I was making these pictures.
 Missy said Ed are coming home today. Now begins the job of keeping him from trying to do things after they cut him open.
Men thinks for some reason they can just go back to doing again right after surgery and this is his first.
Maybe she can sit on him!
Hoping to get some more blocks done today.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

New G-G

Hi friends!
We have a new great grand, meet Sable Jones.
Isn't she pretty?
They dress her up with a outfit honoring our lost angels for her pictures made at the hospital.
It's says picked by  Uncle Brad , Aunt D.J. Clair, Olivia and Lola. She is a beautiful baby ,maybe they will bring her to see us when the flu dies down.
Have a good one

More blocks

Hi friends!
This is the block that is going into the quilt we plan on putting in the quilt show this year.
This is the other one!
Every one at q-bees is making two.
Feb. meeting  we are learning to hand quilt each block.
This is another block for Vintage farm quilt.
Their are still some more cute ones that I haven't done.
A know one is a sheep..
Maybe I will have time to make it today, Missy's better half had surgery yesterday and we stayed down there with her.
We went back today and he was up moving around but every thing went well , just a while to get over it.
Have a good one

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Another Block

Hi friends!
I love this block!
I found a few scraps and  bought a fat quarter for the pumpkin block.
 Took me a couple of hours digging to turn these up so all I got done was cut them into 2 1/2 inch squares.
Have a good one

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hi friends!
My Strawberry Block.
I have pinks but very few oranges for the pumpkin block. I will really have to dig  or buy some fat quarters!
Finished my baby chick to. Enjoying this  quilt so far.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Hi friends!
Sis and I went to Fort Payne Friday right after Trump was sworn in.
Vicky at Q-bees told us Hammer's down there had a whole room of good quilters fabric. I had read some where that there was a quilt shop near the theater to  so we went looking for that.
The fabric above is what I bought!
The burgundy is for my daughters quilt.
This came from Hammers , didn't really find any thing at the quilt flower shop. She was getting rid of her fabric and if she had marked it down we might have bought some.

I made this block Sat.
It's in the vintage farm book by Lori Holt.
This came from Missouri star Sat. , Colette gave me a gift card and I lost it once so when she resent it to me I ordered some things.
That's fusible fleece, Tonga treats and five fat quarters that they had on special one day.

Used part of one of the fat quarters in this star.
Have you seen the fabric  saying "digitally Printed fabric"?
I think those fat quarters are.
They are very pretty!
Have a good one

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Slow Day

Hi friends!
A few more tumblers!
This is my baby vacuum cleaner but it got stopped up so Tommy got his out to clean it up now he is working on his.
When he opened up his it was worse than mine.
He took the filter  out side to clean.
Look at that little tongue sticking out.
Kind of nothing to write about because we were gone most of yesterday.
Hope yours is good

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Bag

Hi friends!
I had some small scraps so I started cutting them into tumblers for a quilt I am making this year.
I finally finished me something!
I used Velcro to close it!
I don't like the handles and I may do something to change it. I like for my bag to hang under my arm so theirs less chance of some one stealing it. Or sticking their hand into it with out me knowing it.
I wanted one that tells people what I love!
If I make me another one it will be bigger!
I carry a lot of "stuff".
Have a good one

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Birthday Girl

Hi friends!
We had Eli and Kari with Gracie and Shania Sat. morning for Breakfast so we could give Shania her birthday present.
She is so cute and smiles all the time.
With big sister Gracie!
We got her a toy but she already had it so they took it back to Walmart and got her some ducks and got her ears pierced and got her a little necklace.
Her little necklace!

She is a sweetie with her ducks.
Have a good one

Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Weekend

Hi friends!
My milk can block!
Made this over the weekend .
Yesterday we went to Wetumpka Ala. for my cousins funeral. went with my brother , his wife and my sister. It was kind of crowded in , small back seat, but we made it in four hours, spent nearly 3 hours with the family and then made that four hour trip back. I though I would be hurting all day but I think this warm weather helped.
Arthritis doesn't like cold weather and takes it out on you.
It was sunny all day highs in the 70ths. Of course we were  near Montgomery Ala.
That's where my Aunt Pauline lives , her son lived in Wetumpka. Most of the family  went that lives here and Atlanta.
Fran will really miss him , they were married 46 years. His sis and mother  will to.
We were zombies by the time we got back .
Maybe I will get some sewing done today.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Q-Bees Metting

Hi friends!
We had Q-Bees last night , first time in the new year.
These are Vicky's, we have seen the one on the bottom before.
She hand stitches every thing!
This is the one she is working on now.
Our teacher holding a quilt she is hand quilting for some one.
This is Charlotte's that she is working on.
Our Teacher brought battening and a tote full of Fabric that she was giving away. I got some of that. She gets rid of small pieces where I save them for scrap quilts.
The battening was so every one would have the same kind in our quilt for this years quilt show. We are each doing two blocks and hand quilting them together with sashing.
I had some just like it so I didn't get any  battening or the muslin  because I had some of that to.
Finally got my book this morning!
I ordered this on the first and it's just now getting here!
Going to put it to good use! Making me a quilt!
Dawn and her gang  will hopefully have close to the same quilt.
Have a good one

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Microwave cozy's

Hi friends!
Back to making microwave cozy's.
Amy  want's one so I will make her a few.
I made this one first and cut out two of the red bottomed one's.
I will mail it to her next week.
She should get her pillow shams today if the postal service is right.
We carried Tonia's and Abby to them when we went to pick up our meds. They both work at the drugstore.
My daughter has the flu and Missy was sick all week to. She spent last week at the hospital with Ed and came home sick.
Makes you worry about  going to hospitals!
Some one in our area died from the flu and it's bad right now . The flu shot they said was a good match but people that got the shot are getting the flu to.
We have been staying at home more because it's so bad this year.
Stay healthy

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sewing for fun

Hi friends!
I mailed these off yesterday, she should get them tomorrow. Looked at my phone for the date and it said it was the 2th when it was the 10? I turned it off and back on and it didn't help a bit! so I guess I will have to reset it.
Got a message last night from Jo my cousin in Acworth that my cousin in lower Ala. was not expected to live through the night.
He died around 4 this morning , His sis sent me a message on face book about 4:45, yes I was up!
I woke up at 4. Couldn't go back to sleep thinking about Buddy and hating it for his wife Fran.
So many deaths lately, maybe because we are getting old.
I will show you what this is after I give it away.
Using four patches sent to me by Dawn and her friend Jackie. Dawn blogs at sewyouquilt2
She is hosting a vintage farm girl quilt-a-long on her blog.
I ordered my book and it should get here some time! I ordered it on the first of this month.
Have a good one