Friday, October 30, 2015

Mark's birthday pillow case

Hi friends!
My Friday finish is a birthday present for Mark, one of my 23 grands.It our Atlanta braves fabric.
This is my Friday finish on my other blog   'asimplygreat'  HERE
We went to Chattanooga yesterday and we hit 'joann'
My loot......

Would you just look at this!!
Nearly the same thing!
I got some fat quarters because next month is my birthday and i always have a giveaway.
I can't seem to go any where with out buying Christmas fabric.
Not the best picture! My camera was bought in 2008 so it's getting old.
The picture looks good on the back of the camera but they look like this when i put them on the computer and I put a new card in it.
Didn't help!
Have a great weekend friends
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Border on!

Hi friends!
Sewing my first border on!
This feather weight has already sewed longer than my Janome with out needing to go to the repair man.  That i gave 350 for.
A total piece of Plastic junk!
One completed!
It's a flimsy!
If you are looking for a good Christmas line the one on the bottom is!
Can't remember the name but just about every fabric in it looks like Chirstmas.  .I put the label into the trash because i used all of it plus in my quilt.

However if you are looking for a old timey Christmas look the one on the right is great.
It is Joyeux noel  by french General.
I remembered that i had part of a Christmas jelly roll so i found it yesterday and started a Christmas table runner .
More on that later.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sat. Cook Out

Hi friends!
The girls wanted to have a cook out over here Sat. night, we were all for it.
The weather was nice and warm until about 10 o'clock.
Didn't take Tommy and Bobby long to get it going!
Tonia's family with Noah's girlfriend.
Clair and Lola!

Them sitting together!
A very cute girl, of course our boy is handsome!
Jarod , our handsome foot ball star!!!!
Our Krissy, our  pretty college student.
Hago, tall and handsome!!!!
I didn't get a good shot of our model that night.
Here she is with her mother earlier in the week.
We have 23 gorgeous., smart handsome , the very best grands!!! There was 6 of them here that night , The only one if don't have a picture of is Clair and Lola's daddy, Brad
We had a good time !
Have a good one.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Picking the borders

Hi friends!
I pulled some more Christmas fabric.
I loved this when i bought it last year.
I got this just a few weeks ago.
Still haven't made up my mind but i am leaning toward this.
The green and the gold!
One of my dear friends said the boxes went with the squares on the body of the quilt.
I love that fabric, think sis bought me 2 yards of it for Christmas a few years ago.
But this is really pretty to.
And the red picks up the red in the quilt top.
I think i will go with the top one for some reason i love it the best.
Have a great one, it's raining here.
Quilt Happy

Friday, October 23, 2015

Now the Border

Hi friends!
I decided yesterday to add one more row!
I was wrong yesterday when i said it was 47 inches it was 50 something so now its 62 inches more like what i want.
Now for the choices for the border....

I am leaning toward the top two, What would you use?
I love the first and second fabrics!
Help me decide
Hugs Quilt Happy

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Falling Charms quilt

Hi friends!
Back to work on the falling Charms quilt.
I had 6 rows done so i sewed them together yesterday.
I  used 3 inch strips on these, hoping it would grow faster but didn't help.
I measured it and it was 58 by 41, not long enough!!! A lap quilt should be 58 by 70 or so the chart i found said.
So i cut out some more strips and made up some more.
This has two rows added.
I think it's about 46 or 47 inches now. I may add another row today, haven't made up my mind yet.
Next I  will be looking for a  border fabric.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Family Reunion

Hi friends!
Our family Reunion!
We had the best time yesterday!!!
We always enjoy our day with Tommy's cousin's The one from Texas and our sweet Roxie from Blue Ridge Ga.
I really look forward to spending the day with them.
We have all shrunk with age, i am just 5' 1 1/2 inches tall so you can see i am taller than most on this picture.
On the right is Tommy's Texas cousin, then his sis and her hubby , Tommy and i , And Roxie and her hubby Inman from Blue Ridge.
We talk , and talk , and talk!!!!
 Our entertainment!
This is Kim and Richard's only grand and he is the cutest little curly haired sweetie.
The energiser bunny has nothing on him!
Allie and Tonia Tommy's youngest and the baby of all 6 kids.
She doesn't look old enough to have a child that graduates this next May.
Kim, Tommy's red haired one, Hubby and grand and their Daughter.
Allie , Bobby and Tonia with Eddie.
We had the very best day!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, October 19, 2015

Putting it together.

Hi friends!
Figured out the layout for the falling charms quilt.
It's really simple!
You just keep adding charms.
I think i will be making rows just to figure out how many i need, just making a lap quilt,I may just need 6 rows but i will have to put them together to see. I have a fabric picked out for the borders.
We are having a family reunion here tomorrow so i want post. But will be back with pictures on Wednesday.
Want get any sewing done today or tomorrow. Cleaning and cooking today!!! Talking all day tomorrow!
I may go into a fabric inducted coma!!!!!
Have a good one.
Quilt Happy

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Finish

Hi friends!
I finished my table runner.
I trimmed it in black because i couldn't find the rest of the fall leaves . i know it's here some where. Moving my sewing room i have lost a few things.
But i always do when we have big family dinners , so when i  get used to this it will be better.
The Turkey "feathers" and the small squares are from That harvest layer cake.
I got the border from  and i had ordered one yard but got nearly two
I got a note on it that said 'jackpot' end of bolt.
I am hoping some one will see it and love it so much that i will know what to make them for Christmas.
The white is kona from Craftsy and i have no idea where i bought the black.
The other night i heard a loud noise so yesterday we went for a walk our woods .
A Hickory nut tree!
It broke off the top of that rotten tree. Their are several rotten hickory nut trees in our woods!
That may be why our's are not making nuts this year. May be a blight.
Many years of leaves are on the ground!
We have always had lots of nuts before this year.
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy