Thursday, August 31, 2017

Third Wheelchair Quilt

Hi friends!
I finished that last block yesterday.
sewed doubles together.
Then joined them!
All joined! They measure 30 by 45 . the size quilt we are going for is 36 by 45 but since I always wash mine after I finish, because of the basting spray , I will add a extra inch onto it and two on the sides. maybe a small border that is bigger on the sides. Thinking about using this fabric I have left from the charm pack and some from the layer cake.
Just looking at it I think I need to reverse the end blocks so the meeting points  that show are all lined up!
Today it 's rainy and  cool ,  a long pants and hot tea day!
The day we got married  August 9th 1997 was a rainy cool day.  Must have been good luck!
Tommy's parents were married for 60 some years and they married on a cool rainy day.
It's a chocolate and hot tea day!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This and That

Hi friends!
Finish one block yesterday! was working on another when my foot petal started giving me trouble.
I bought flannel for backing for two more wheel chair quilts, this one I am working on and one for a gentleman's wheel chair quilt.
Saw the handkerchief fabric and had to have some.
I got this one sandwiched and have sewed binding on it but may have to change out the binding. I hope not!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hi friends!
I didn't like the upper right one , to many dark colors so I ripped it out to redo.
A little better with the colors!
Two more should make about one wheelchair quilt, I may need a little border.

JulieRose of Julierosequilts sent me this a while back and I didn't have any idea what to do with it but though about the men in the nursing home and  decided this would be perfect.
Using maybe the wrench block? or as we call it the churn dash! So this will be my forth wheelchair quilt.
Have a good one

Monday, August 28, 2017

Small Finish!

Hi friends!
I machine quilted this Sat. and put the binding on.
I used orange thread on the pumpkins and then white on the white parts.
The black I just sewed the binding on it!
Using my feather weight! Trimmed it good and sewed it down. At least I will have one finish this month.
Have a good one

Friday, August 25, 2017

This and That

Hi friends!
Three blocks for the third  wheelchair quilt. I like the more colorful ones my self.
A few more stitch's on this but not enough to get my hands hurting.

The view out my sewing room window. English dogwood and Lavender bush.
The reason I had my camera at my sewing room window!
Did a little more on this , I still like 2 flowers on the last row.
The other day Tommy took me out to this Bradford Pear and their was a half eater tomato in this tree!
I see squirrel  came back and got the rest of it.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Quilting and canning!

Hi friends!
I nearly finished with the flowers but braking thread got to me and I quit!
Still like a few on the last row.
Going to do some straight line quilting because nursing homes really wash them to death! Pour bleach to every thing!
So lots of quilting to hold it together.
I did a little hand quilting on my other one last night to, just a little!
I did get some soup put up. not as many tomato's as I would have liked but the squirrels are leaving big hunks out where they bite on them!  Those I leave or throw away. Funny they never come back and eat the rest.
Last year we didn't have any nuts around here so it's making them do it more. They even pull branch's of the tomato plant down so they can get to them better.
Tommy sat out there with the gun one night but they must wait for us to go to bed.
My great matching seams!!!!! At least I got a tiny bit more done on it.
All that hand  sewing and only got one end of the quilt done!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Third Wheel-Chair Quilt

Hi friends!
Finally made one block for my third wheelchair quilt.
We went to get groceries yesterday and Tommy went into the sewing area with me, he usually waits at the front, so he helped me buy a few things.
Got some snips for those pesky threads and some new scissors and 2 cans of basting spray and another rotary cutter.
They haven't had basting spray for over a month so he said you had better get two! You know me I jumped on it!
He is a sweetie!
Not good on the budget but a sweetie!
I took a couple of days off of hand-quilting, my hands got real sore , letting them rest.
I keep looking at this and trying to figure out how to quilt it.
Not going to do it by hand!
Need to put up some more soup today!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hi friends!
I made myself get busy!
Quilting flowers in the white spaces of this.
Lots of good spaces for flowers!
At least I got something done!
We went and got groceries this morning and paid a few bills and bought a lotto ticket , over 600 million!
Yesterday we sat out on the porch and waited for the eclipse. All the birds vanished and when it got dark the crickets got very loud. It just got dark like a good thunder storm. And the shade looked funny . I think we were 98 %.Or 97 % !
It was strange to see and hear no birds for fifteen minutes before the eclipse..
Only things flying were bees and butterflies.
Going to sew today!
Maybe finish my wheelchair quilt and get it ready to sew the binding down.
My hands are sore from hand-quilting!
Apparently it takes more than I have done to have it look good!
Have a good one

Monday, August 21, 2017

MY Weekend

Hi friends!
Well I got my Pumpkin table runner sandwiched and even lugged my quilting machine into the dining room but that's about all the sewing I have done this past weekend.
My big brother is louder than the feather weight so I move it further away from Hubby's t v.
I decided to make it smaller and this is about the right size for our dining table.
I got some more soup done Friday! Bought some field corn to go in it. Just the way Tommy likes it.
I also got my second wheelchair quilt sandwiched so hopefully between looking for a eclipse I can get some quilting done.
Tommy is watching it on the t v , best place to watch it.
Tommy told his sis Sat that we were 97 or 98 % and she said no we will get the total darkness!
She is even further away from it than we are!  She is in Ala.
I think my third wheel chair quilt is going to be from the last fabric I won.
Remember the charm pack and Layer cake?
All different colors of the same fabric!
I made two pin wheels but I think I am going bigger with each, haven't really decided yet.
Have a good eclipse


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017


Hi friends!
I love this but when I add this , I don't.
I don't know why but just don't like it so I took it off and plan on going with the first.
I bought this and it feels much better but my stitches are still to big.
It holds onto your finger , the ones I had bought before slide right  off
my finger!
I bought some of those dots that stick to the end of your finger but have no idea where they are now.
Yesterday Tommy got his john deer and off he went , got all the main yard cut and then started behind the garden and it quit!
He was ready to shot it! But he called son-in-law Bobby and they discussed it and then he went and bought a gas filter and that fixed it .... for now!
He has replaced just about every thing on that mower!
Have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Hi friends!
My third pumpkin!
I found this fabric but as I told you yesterday I had some more here.
This would look great with it to.
This to!
I got a message from Walmart last night so we went up there.
I tried the online delivers at the store.
That should be enough to finish three quilts for 30 something dollars.
Let you know how I like it when I use it.
These are my three pumpkins!
One is shorter then the other but I though I would put it in the middle., using spider web fabric between each pumpkin.
Don't want it as long as some of my table runners because people have no room at the ends of the table to set their plates .
Still struggling along on my hand quilting!
I try to work on it for a while every night but it's slow going.
Have a good one