Wednesday, February 29, 2012

playing around with a house block, maybe for a pillow for someones birthday.  i am sewing by hand my  binding on my quilt. all i can say is it a good thing that its for me because i would hate to give it to someone.    i will love it. worts and all. but couldn't ask any one else to. i am not yet a quiltor but its a learning  thing [ i keep telling myself]. i will get better before i do my bow tie quilt. a blogger told me to put it on the bed so i will try that next time. there are bad weather warnings now so i will get off of here and unplug.  love you'll goodnite friends

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

made my baby a sweet potato pie this after noon with splenda baking blend half sugar , hope we saved some calories. of course it doesn't look like this now because we both had  some  and it was really good . thankful for my food processor. my blanket is nearly there i will put on  a edging with white , then i am going to make a white one with  edging of this many colored yarn. see how that one turns out.  i quilted my quilt this after noon sewing in the ditch now i have to pick some binding . going to shop my stash.  i have some pokadot with that i got with that   in mind but i don't know how it will look.   may not go with this i will have to find it and see, i need some kind of storage but if i could   buy something i wouldn't have any place to put it. this 8 room house is packed because all of our living room stuff is spread out in it. you will just about always see a book next to my crocheting because when my arms get tired i read, love a good mystery.  well duty calls love you'll goodnite friends

Monday, February 27, 2012

my quilt is ready to quilt and i have been working hard on another baby blanket. see my mug rug on the table with my coffee cup sitting on it?  i crochet in the mornings before breakfast and during the news at 6 and at 11 oclock at nite.  didn't get anything done all weekend after saturday with all our company which i enjoyed. i  just wasn't in the mood to sew yesterday. i cut out some parts for an ollie block. don't  know why just wonted to see how it would look . i will show you tomorrow. i am a little worried i get the blog  the little blue boo every nite but it hasn't appeared tonite, she has cancer, i am praying that she beats it. but it doesn't look good, but prayer works wonders pray for his healing hand to touch her. my great grand enjoyed her trip with her grandmaw, while they were gone her mother had to go to the hospital, she had that stomach virus and was throwing up blood.  i called her husband [our grandson] as he was taking her home last nite and they had give her some meds for her stomach . so many people are sick, they never did find out what was wrong with my brother-in-law, but i think he had that virus to because he played with his granddaughter after she had it. love you'll good nite friends

Saturday, February 25, 2012

this is that book i told you i got and read 3 times. i wish i had read it before i started my blocks on my quilt. it has one block in it that amazes  me . there are 9 pictures of quilts using this block and none of them are the same. some i don't care for their colors but all the quilts are beautiful. i would love to try this sometime when i can get to it. maybe a baby quilt would look good with this block.   out greatgrand was getting sleepy and a little ill. her grandmother was coming to get her and take her to a rodeo, her grandmother is very into anything that has to do with a horse.  she usually rides a horse in the rodeo but this one they were going in a semi to pick up the rink and pens. katie will be thrilled to see all the horses and bulls, she is a lot like her g-maw .   love you'll goodnite friends

Friday, February 24, 2012

today i wallowed around in the floor and pinned my backing, batting and my quilt together. i am shoot...  i don't know how i could do anthing bigger it took all my floor to do it. and i moved the table over against the wall just so i could .  i used spray basting and you can't spray that stuff on your own bed. our bed is what i used  to make baby quilts. even my hands hurt. and my back. oh well i will be better tomorrow. love you'll goodnite friends

Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring? messing around

i went and got the mail this morning and saw this of course its been 73 degrees  here today and i have seen other things ... .the weather men  are amazed. we have had a lazy day today , hubby watched his races and i moved furniture in the dining room and wash that old quilt top. it did real good must have been made out of good flour sacks . may be better than what we buy today.  while things were drying, i played at making a mug rug , i didn't have a pattern so i just guessed  .  mine   is 9 inches with   little scraps that i had here. it's not great but while i was at it i tried sewing binding in the ditch like i saw on some blog that i read all the time and it did better than i though it would. i think with practice i could get good with it.  i put it in the living room where i set my coffee in the morning. thinking about making another one if i can find a good pattern somewhere.  it will do for me , i wouldn't give it as a gift, its not good enough. well the treadmill is calling me .love you , good nite friends

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my last block turned out a whole lot better than the first. i bought the batting today. tomorrow hubby will be watching nascar, there are 2 races on in the afternoon so we will stay at home and i will have some good sewing time. i am thinking about moving my dining room table [my sewing spot] against the wall so i can spread my quilt out and put it together. have to clean my rug first before i spread my quilt top on it.well its time to clean the kitchen up and get on the treadmill again  love you'll goodnite friends

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


look what i found!  i'm going to wash it on gentle and see how it does, if it holds up good i am going to try to quilt it after i do my couch quilt. i put it on my bed and with a strip sewed all the way around  it will be the right size for a queen size bed. it was made by my mother-in-law but i had not checked it . the only one of hers that i did anything with only needed a strip added but it was small even with that. so its on the guest bed. she had finished 4 but she had 4 granddaughters that we gave them to.  wish me luck   love you'll goodnite friends

Monday, February 20, 2012

all things

i had a sweater that i loved but wouldn't wear and a cushion  that had seen better days. so i sewed one on the other.  when we moved  our living room  into the sunroom we needed something for the windows so we got some fabric and i made small curtions to go with the blinds and covers for this. the back is an old tablecloth, that had never been used. used up every last scrap.   i have always sewed used to make my kids clothes when they were little and still would wear homemade things  .   now that i have a new sewing machine that all i wont to do is sew, i finished my couch quilt and changed my mind about putting flannel on the back. someone was fussing about it pilling an i don't wont that maybe by the end of this week i will have it done to show you. by the last block i could tell it was better than the first block. got a book [ learn to make a quilt from start to finish] and have read it 3 times. there is a really interesting block in it  called the ollie block and its amazing at the ways you can make it look can't wait to try it  love you goodnite friends

Saturday, February 18, 2012


i have been playing with the dissappearing 9 patch . i added in some amelia by me and my sisters that i got today. i also got a quilt book , my first and i am planning to read it cover to cover when i get off the treadmill tonite. thats after  i get thru here and clean up my kitchen. its a rainey night and hubby is very happy because nascar is back at last. he is a big nascar fan, me not so much but i get more time to sew.  a win win. they brought tucker to see us yesterday. he is the cutest baby. he is my daughters grand child. he was born a few days before christmas and of course i think he is beautiful. that makes me 2 born greatgrands and 2 step greatgrands. and on hubbys side my step daughter has 3 grand children 2 girls and a boy. we are growing so fast hubby said he was going to find him a job. but at nearly 70 i don't think that will happen.  they have all the greeters they need at walmart i think i heard they were laying off some of them anyway. with gods help we will make it just have to cut back so we can still give baby something. i am saving money with my crocheting and making quilts. i keep telling hubby that when i buy fabric and yarn ... love you'll goodnite friends

Friday, February 17, 2012

i've told you that my sister is the quiltor in the family, she has been quilting for years. this is one of her quilts that she gave to me years ago. this christmas 2011 she gave 2 quilts as gifts to my brothers son and to my brothers granddaughter. in june she gave my grandson one for graduation from highschool. he is going to ole miss. so she made him a ole miss. quilt. and mailed the left over fabric to my young granddaughters[his sisters] to make him a pillow to match. and she is making one of my granddaughters a quilt for christmas next year. i have washed this a lot of times, and it has held up good . she takes quilt class in atlanta every 3th sat. of the month. i would love to go but i have no money honey... and she spends a lot of money on quilting things  so i will just have to pass. maybe i can pick her brain and read books to learn every thing i need to know  well love you'll goodnite friends

Thursday, February 16, 2012


took the first picture without flash and the colors  are better but the picture isn't. the second one was with a flash and the colors are strange. i finished the baby blanket and i love it , the colors just says baby to me. i did.t crochet at allfrom1988 when my  son got killed in a car wreck. until year before last when my other son called saying my granddaughter wonted to learn ,would i teach her. then i had to get yarn  and refresh my skill by watching people crocheting on the internet. but it comes back to you, i made a lot of baby blankets ,shaws, a pocketbook and i don't know what all else i did makeback then.   in all years i didn't have the least desire to crochet.  but i have made plenty in the last year. he called me in nov.  2010 and i have been busy ever since.     got our blood work back , hubbys was alright. but mine needs work. got to go back next week and give some more blood to check my sugar. can you say no sweets at all untill  and maybe even after the blood work. oh well i will face that when it gets here. my mother and my brother had sugar. we are a family of dessert lovers.  love u and goodnite feiends  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

blood, sweat and tears

another row of blocks , now i will work at picking out another block pattern.  my hubby said he would have thrown it out the back door by now, he has seen me picking out seams over and over. but it will be beautiful to me when i get finished with it. i hope...went to the dr. yesterday , he think hubbys pain is muscle so gave him med. for that. i hope he is right.. we also had a letter from insurance  co. to show him . they sent us 3 letters all the same thing but when the dr. office called them they said  for us to get it filled after sending us 3 letters saying they were not covering it any more. big corps have to many little indians and one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.   have you seen the commercial with the   pig? the one that screams, hubby said if he could get his hands on him we would have lots of sauage in the frezzer  well love you all goodnite friends

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentines  hope you had a love filled day. and beautiful  warm places like this 

Monday, February 13, 2012

 i am almost done with this wish i could say the same for my quilt top. but i take out about as much as i sew on that. i keep telling my self that i am learning... the hard way.  dr. appt. tomorrow for us both. i need refills and hubby needs to see the dr. and refills. maybe we will have some idea what is causing his pain .. they will most likely run tests. we will see. he got me roses and a beautiful card this morning, he is  so sweet most of the time but he is a man , a good one  90% of the time... his daughter and husband came last nite to show us pictures of the b-day party and said she loved the dora gown we got her. she ignored the outfits... that was just clothes. she just turned 3, our oldest g-grand daughter.  well must get on the treadmill now and try to get rid of all the bad foods i have eaten the last 6 months.  love and goodnite friends

Saturday, February 11, 2012

as you can see i have been playing around with pieces  and trying to find something i like. i did end  up with a block that is all right but i wonted to put in some of my first blocks fabric to tie it together.maybe in the next block, had some one come over today just  i got started and didn't get much done, thats the problum with weekends. oh well i am retired so i will work during the week. hubby was sick so didn't get to go to b-day party. but it was so cold and windy  didn't wont to be out anyway. sent the present with the other ones that was going. maybe they will put pictures on facebook.  we are going to doctor next week , tired of thinking he is better and he isn't. maybe we will get him feeling good again  love you'll  goodnite friends

Friday, February 10, 2012

well i got it. sort of. now i am on to my next block , i don't know the name and i had to find paper large enough to make a pattern the size i wonted it to be for my small couch quilt. the next one is simple. i don't know how long  my quilt  needs to be but at least 65 inches. i would guess. got to get some red back in i just used pink on the pin wheels. but i really like them, i just like pink i guess. when to walmart , u see all your friends there on fridays and most of your family. have a wee ones birthday tomorrow , its an hours drive to where they live, and hubby said if he did't feel better tomorrow we might not go, its his side of the family, but we had fun picking out outfits for a 3 year old girl. if we go i might not make it on here but i will be back  love u all goodnite friends

Thursday, February 9, 2012

my darling granddaughter drew this from a picture.  she is very good takes after  her uncle.  ....   put up the pin wheel and made some more ... bigger  but havn't felt  good this after noon  most days we eat supper [ the south you know]  then watch world news then i clean the kitchen and put in some time on the treadmill. but tonite i think i will watch t v with my ears while i crochet.. hubby will like that if he had his way i would be right beside him watching t v but i can't just sit there and watch tv. i have to be doing something.  love u . goodnite friends

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

our latest greatgrandchild born jan.2th, hubby holding her. she looks just like her daddy.... i had a bad day. didn't know it was bad until i started to sew on my line of pin wheels to my quilt top , now i will have to think long and hard on how to fix it to make it work. and i though it was going so good . i new one block was a little smaller than the ones i had been making but not that much, and my binding between blocks was a little smaller so it turned into a mess, ran out of stuff to sew on and still had quilt top left.   i will sleep on it tonight and maybe i will have figured it out in the morning. that is the way i do things sleep on it and sometimes at 3 o'clock in the morning i will wake up and know what to do. tomorrow will be better i am sure  love to you'll goodnite friends

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

as u can see my blanket is coming along . this puff quilt i started last year . it got so big and bulky and i put it back. i am going to have to try to bind it . i made it because hubby has cold feet, but it hasn't been that cold so far this winter. my sister is the quiltor in our family and i am sure she laughs at my efforts. she buys costly fabrics and does the most beautiful tops then sends them to be quilted  . but she also has many machines and much money. she told me last week that you can not use denim on quilts. my mother-in-law made many quilts , some from denim and some from all wool pants and they may not have won any prize but they kelp you warm . my quilts may be made from denim are any other fabric i can get my hands on. stay tuned i will make many mistakes. i have spent an hour trying to cut me a pattern for my next set of blocks and maybe it will come out ok but we shall see. love you  goodnite friends

Monday, February 6, 2012

quilt happy

as u can see i am making progess on my blanket and my squares  . this square is trimed and ironed and i have another ready to be ironed. don't like to put them on without ironing. already worrying about my next line of blocks and i am not thru with this one. so far they have been easy. more worry than any thing else. i see so many beautiful blocks on the internet that i wont to do but am trying the easy ones first, don't wont to get in over my head. went to the funeral home yesterday for our friend and b i l came home from the hospital sunday. doctors still don't know what was wrong but are running more test tomorrow. i hope they find out , so many times people go into the hospital and never know what they had. praying they will be lucky .  love u all goodnite friends

Saturday, February 4, 2012


its a slow go because i really havn't made up my mind what to do on the next row of blocks, stars or something else and  what fabric . i have added a white strip over and under. don't really feel good , its raining and any time a front goes thru my head hurts.  got to finish the dishes and get on the treadmill before bed . i will be thinking about my quilt and working on it during the super bowl. i am not much of a football fan, only when its my grandchildren playing.  goodnite friends

Friday, February 3, 2012


started another baby blanket for grandchildren, i think i am really going to like this one.   put 3 of my bow tie squares together with white between the squares. i am thinking about some stars for the next row of squares. have to make them and see if i can get them the right size to match the bow ties. b-i-l   is better still don't know what happened. what do we pay dr. and hospitals for they never can tell u any thing for fear they will get it wrong and get sued.u can see my hobbys reading, crocheting and quilting. my sewing machine is covered up with things i need to fix perhaps tomorrow. good nite friends

Thursday, February 2, 2012


sat at the hospital all day it seems like . they don't know why but they think  bil had a blockage, then eat out and buy grocerys and come home and wash ,clean, and all the stuff that u do every day. oh to be a man and set and put up your feet and watch t v . but that would bore me out of my mind. i got some solid colors to go in my quilt but don't have the energy to sew or to get on the treadmill like i do most days. some one died today that we cared for , i don't know if they have unpluged her or not but 3 doctors told her family she was gone.  not something i wont to go thru. love and  goodnite friends

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


we have had a unsettled  day . started off with a call from hubbys sis saying she had her hubby at the E R , he has been throwing up since monday. they are doing tests but no results yet so we have been on pins and needles all day . and when i am like that i can't sew so i finished my crib blanket, crocheting the same stitch over and over is calming. we will be going to see him tomorrow unless they send him home
early goodnite friends