Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sunday dinner

Hi friends!!
This is after dinner and A and her family had to leave early because hago had to play ball in another town. By the way they won the tournament. He is 11 years old!!   He lives and breathes for sports.!!   He plays baseball,football, basketball, and he runs in races.  That boy has lots of energy!!! And he is smart.
I dreamed last night that i was sewing so that's telling me to sew.  I had put my sewing machine up sat. for the supper and dinner.
Yesterday hubby carried me to the Dr.,  i had another uti and  I'm  now on cipro  .  It makes me feel good for a couple of days and then it drags me down.   Hubby can't breath in the air outside since that fire is still burning so he has to stay inside.
Grand kids always go to the computer so that was where the rest was.
I am putting up 9 pints of soup today and intend to sew some too
Good sewing friends    Quilt Happy

Monday, July 30, 2012


my hubby
my brother
birthday cake  that's my sis on this end       


Saturday, July 28, 2012


this was last night during the storms
this is this afternoon
Hi friends!!! Great day!!!
This fire is down our road about 4 miles.  An old cotton mill that was being used as a recycle plant broke out in flames yesterday just after some storms came  and gave my garden over 1/2 inches of rain.
They say it could take days for it to stop smoking.  They made every one leave that was close to where it was burning,  within a 1/4th mile area.
 I told hubby he had to stay in until it stopped.
Have a good sewing day i would but we are having that dinner tonight and another tomorrow..   Quilt Happy

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi friends!!!  Great day!!!
Hope we get a little rain on the garden, not on the grass because then hubby would have to cut it in this heat. It's been over 95 every day,  and sticky!!!
That last block is bad, so messed up.
Red haired girl came by last night after work[they work 12 hour shifts] and she liked what i was using in her quilt so it full speed ahead on her quilt.
 I have been cleaning today and will go back to it when i get off of here. We are having hubby and brother's birthday supper tomorrow  night and Sunday we are having hubby a dinner both here .!!! That's a whole lot of cleaning and cooking . But he is worth it.  He is a little depressed because he will be 70  but i turned 70 last nov. and it didn't kill me.
Have a great sewing day and maybe i can sneak in a little sewing in today to.   Quilt Happy

Thursday, July 26, 2012

our grandson

Hi friends!!  Great to see you.
Our grandson came to show us his 'toy'  yesterday.    Something for us to worry about!!!!! 
He is 22 and has a three year and another on the way, and he would have got one that went faster but his wife told him no!!!  He works at the prison here in our county and said he had a dangerous job so he might as well drive something dangerous as well.
What do you do with them?    I would never get on one of those things.   They call them crotch rockets.  Too many least he said he was not letting his brother's get on it.  They would destroy it and them self's.
If i wasn't already grey haired this would turn me that way.
Wont say any more than that!!! 
I will get to sewing to calm down.  Have a good sewing day    Quilt Happy

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

happy mail

look at this!
happy mail
my wall is full
Hi friends!!!!  Another great day!!!!!
Look what i got in the mail this morning!!! Isn't it wonderful!!!  Do you see the Christmas fabric in this 'scrap' i won from   Brooke    She had a giveaway and i won her 'scraps' but i have never had scraps like this!!!  mine are little bits and pieces.  She blogs at sillymamaquilts .
My wall is full, i am  going to have to  start putting together my quilt so that i have room for some more blocks.
I think i have found the fabric for my squares on the corners of each block.  I will show you later.

I made two batches of salsa and right now i am putting up 11 pints of soup. With just me and hubby that will make all the soup we can eat, because i always add potatoes and meat and some more veggies.
I think we are going to have BLTs tonite because this woman needs to sew.
Love you'll have a good sewing day   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hi friends!!!  Still here!!!!  This is the last block that i made Sunday and you know i didn't sew yesterday.
We went to get hubby's tag and voted this morning and went shopping and paid bills.   Have to do that once a month when you just get paid once a month.
I will be cleaning house this week for the birthday breakfast sat. night.  My hubby's and my brothers  birthday are both this month, so we do theirs together.
It was so hot and sticky out there that we were wiped out by the time we got home.
I can't make up my mind what color i wont the square on the corners of my blocks to be. i could go a darker pink i guess to get the pink look that she loves or because her husband will be sleeping under it to i could go a blueish.   I guess i will put them by each other and see what i like best.
 Love and good sewing   Quilt Happy

Monday, July 23, 2012

sew ing

Hi friends!!!  Another glorious day!!!   It's hard to believe that that 3th and the 4th is the same.
 But it is !!   I took jack the ripper to it many times.  That's when you know it's time to quite trying to sew . You are to tired. I ripped it apart and went back an ripped it again.
We went to buy groceries today and then i put up some more salsa.  So no sewing today.
Tomorrow we go pay bills and go shopping for things for the house. I think we will try to vote in early voting to tomorrow.
But i think i know which way this quilt is going.   Got some pale pink to do the sashing and i think i will put little squares at each corner of the block.
I still like doing my wonky stars to go with the one i have done, then i can start putting together red haired girls quilt.
Good sewing friends    Quilt Happy

Saturday, July 21, 2012

look what we got to play with

Hi friends!!  Isn't the the most beautiful great grand in the world?   We think so.   And scream i think she think she is calling the dogs because she can take your ear off.
She is getting in practice for when she has a teen idol .
Have a great sewing week end    Quilt Happy

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hi friends!  Another day that god has blessed us with.
My wall is filling up and i have two more blocks nearly ready to pin there. I have two more i need to makes some more of and then i will start putting it together.
We will be shelling peas sometime next week, they are nearly ready.and the green beans are putting on like it was spring. 
 Made some salsa today, 3 quarts and one pint.  i make mine weaker then it calls for because i can't stand it real hot.  Hubby has got to where he can't either.
Hang in there Good sewing   Quilt Happy

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi friends!!!  So glad god gave us another day.    We went to see hubby's sister today.  We carried them tomatoes and squash.   Yes we are still getting squash, a few every day.
Hubby always says 'we are not staying long' but his idea of not staying long is in hours.  Only 3 hours today.
I never say 'are you ready to go'
When we got home he turned on the weather and they said storms tomorrow and sat. So now hubby is out side cutting the grass.   He must have the grass cut for the weekend.
Need less to say i have done nothing today.  No sewing or canning but i   miracle gro the garden as soon as the sun went behind the trees.
I have got to get back on the tread mill because i haven't been on it sense Friday when i hurt my back.  But it's a whole lot better now .  Must get some work done   Love you guys   Good sewing    Quilt Happy

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

made a pot holder for sis
another block for red haired girl quilt
hubby has been busy
Hi friends!!!  So good to talk to you again .  God has blessed us with another day.
Hubby cleaned up all the hay stalks and took them into the woods.  Some people buy them in the fall but ours wont be any good then.  Peaches and cream corn comes in early..
I am canning tomatoes and soup again today, 7 jars of tomatoes and 5 of soup.  Hard work but it sure will taste good this winter.
I made that block and 2 others this week, made two more pinwheels last night.  Also that pot holder for sis.  So i have 3 of a few to start the quilt with.   Next week i will look for some sashing fabric to match and start putting together my half quilt..
That is what i think i will do 'i think' make one half at a time and go ahead and quilt each half.
My washer just bussed and my dryer is still full from the last day i washed so must  get busy.  Love you'll   Good sewing!!!!   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

charm swap and my sewing place

Hi friends!!  My sewing place is the dining room table and it's a mess because i am making blocks for red haired daughter a quilt and pondering Christmas projects.
Their is a charm swap going on at craftnursequilt  go and check out her blog. she is a really sweet person.
i think i won something from her but don't really remember. i have been getting her blog so long i think i know her.  Anyway check out her blog please.
Red haired girl came by a while ago and gave the thumbs up on her quilt blocks. so everything is go.
Not canning today, had to have a day of rest with my back.  I picked up that heavy cannier full of water last Friday and pulled a muscles but it is getting better thanks to hubby picking it up and emptying it ever sense. and he rubbed down my back with bio-freeze a couple of nights. So i think i will live.
He is trying to cut the south forty in between showers so i have to keep a watch out to make sure he stays safe. Don't trust tractors.
Don't forget check that blog i mentioned .. Good sewing       Quilt Happy

Monday, July 16, 2012


home made soup
8 jars of tomatoes and 5 jarsof soup
made 2 of these need to make 4 more
Hi friends .  You see the weather . Hubby is worried about that cloud.
Just wonted you to know i am still here, working hard     Quilt  Happy

Saturday, July 14, 2012


  Hi friends!   Our beans are blooming again and we have little peas.
I have canned so much this week my back hurts so i am taking the day off. my do a little sewing or my not.

Good sewing friends    Quilt Happy

Friday, July 13, 2012

pink quilt

Hi friends  !!!   So good to 'see' you.   I ordered some more pink from contemporary cloth for her quilt.  I though that purple was pink!!! The the pink under it is from so i have got some done before this came.
Hubby is mowing and cleaning up the yard because they are saying more rain today.  This week we have gotten 2 and 3/10 inches.  The back side of the garden is a mud bogg  believe me i have to straddle the rows to cut the orka.  Hubby said he would have to get the tractor to pull me back up if i do the splits.
I don't think i put that pin wheel on yesterday because i had to redo it. but i may have.
Well i am canning tomatoes today have 8 jars in the water bath and am making soup to go into another 6 jars.
So i will talk to you later  Good sewing       Quilt Happy