Wednesday, February 27, 2013

H's quilt

Hi friends!
The sun is shiny and hubby is  thinking spring is just around the corner, he can't wait until garden planting time..
I have 3 rows of h's quilt put together and two more rows waiting.  Then i will know whether it will need another row are not.
My daughter gave me her Anna's old camera that is stronger than mine to use on my blog.  She bought Anna a new one because she is really in to photograpy. I have the sweetest kids!..
I made a picture of cows in a far off field testing it out a while ago.  Going to get it set up on my computer after i get off here.
I am going to try to get my top finished today.  I have got to work on some birthday presents for a while.  i have 5 birthday coming up in the next two months that i am going to try to make each of them something.
so i must get busy!
Have a great sewing day friends!   Quilt happy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More stars!

Hi friends!
Dreary day!
I am still making stars.  H got to go to school today, he was feeling much better. And his brother was too .
I got great news, baby Luke is on his way home from the hospital.
I just hope they keep him away from every one that sick!  he is a beautiful baby.
I ordered some more white fabric last Thursday.  From Hancock's in Chattanooga  about one hour from where i live.  It went to Birmingham,  Ala. and from their it went to Tupelo, Ms.  . It's suppose to get here today.  I hope!  I am really dragging bottom for my white.
Know wonder they are bankrupt all the gas they waste!!!!!!
I have enough of blocks for  three rows and maybe 4 by the end of today but i need my white to get the last row.   Well when i get them together i will know whether 5 will be my last or not.
Hubby got great news this morning the biopsy was fine!!!!!
Things are looking up at my house!!!
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt happy

Monday, February 25, 2013

New stars!

Hi friends!
Dreary day here!
I think i know which way i am going with H's quilt.  Going to put rows of stars in between the blocks of fabric rows.Ii like this a lot more then the wonky stars.
Every one[ mommy and baby] are still getting better.
Hubby want know about his biopsy until Wednesday or Thursday.
But he has hurt his back so we must go to the Dr. for that.
I think i am in love with those stars!! It doesn't take long to make them.  I will get battening the last of this week .  I am going to use a sheet for the backing.  So it want be long!!!
He is still sick with the viral flu and now his brother has it.  Pray the whole family doesn't get it.  we got the shot but they are saying it doesn't cover this so i hope hubby doesn't get it. his lungs are not up to it.  he has COPD.
Have to get busy making stars .
Have a great sewing day!   Quilt happy

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog hop party

Hi friends!
Nasty day!
Don't forget our next blog hop!!!  Starts  march 8 and goes until the 14th. i will be giving away some fabric!!!
Don't forget   march 8th!!!!  quilting gallery
Going to see if we can see our new great grand son.

Quilt Happy

Friday, February 22, 2013

More blocks and a win!

Hi friends!
Dreary day!
Hubby is doing better , still eating soft foods since his surgery but last night 'soft' foods was steak, gravy and biscuits.
I made two more blocks for h's quilt, he is at home sick with the flu, hope the rest of his family doesn't get it.
His mother has lost days at work  taking care of him.
Our new baby is staying the same , they will get results of test tomorrow.  He has been in nicu since he was one day old.  His blood dropped and he had trouble breathing.
They think he has a infection some where. His mother had to have 2 pints of blood this morning.
Maybe they will get them all fixed soon.
I won that cross stitch pattern from nati at natilittlethings blog.  I tried to put a link on there but it just went back to the dashboard..  Don't know what is up with that!!!
 Hope it doesn't do that when i take part in the next bloghop next month.
Have a great sewing day friends.   Quilt Happy   click here  ....  natilittlethings

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day>
We spent most of the afternoon yesterday at the dentist office while he did surgery on my hubby.
He said he didn't think it was anything bad but it would have turned bad if not treated.
Hubby's grand mothers  had mouth cancer.  That's what killed her.
I was hoping he would say hubby had to give up tobacco but he didn't.
I did get a start on a block last night, but we were to wore out to do much after we got home.  First we had to go and get soft food for hubby, i really don't think 'soft' meant doughnuts!  But krispy kream's  are melt in your mouth good!!!
That's me 70 years ago.
They weren't big into baby pictures back then.  Mostly black and white snapshots.  But my aunts were working so i got a picture made.  This one came from my cousin 's mother.  She has been died a few year's but her son 'my cousin', gave it to me at my aunt's funeral last week.
Well i have to get busy on h's quilt, i ordered more white today .  It will probably be next week before i get it but i was running out of white.  What i have put into it so far was some his mom gave me for my birthday last year.
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I made one more block for h. quilt , don't know whether i like it or not.
Also made me a quilted machine cover.   Just to see if i could.   It's not perfect but it will get the job done.
I carried two grands back to the dentist today for fillings.  When i got home hubby said they had newest great grand's  picture on facebook.
He is so pretty.  He is a new  brother for katie jo .
Maybe they will bring him over here soon.
If they do i will get some more pictures.
Have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy

Monday, February 18, 2013

New quilt started

Hi friends!
Beautiful but cold today!
I looked and found a pattern but then didn't like how it looked so dug out my white to lighten it up some.
I think i will like this better.
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love scraps

Hi friends!
The sun is shining!
One morning i was looking on facebook and saw this shop had scraps bags for sale so i hit my paypal and bought 3 or 4.  this was jan. 13th.  I can't say that that was where my credit card got hacked or not. But i finally got my scraps in feb. and they were from Malaysia. And my c. c. got hacked on the 14th.  It's pretty little scraps but not worth what i payed and how a shop in Malaysia got on my face book i don't know.     You see how big the scraps are. That's my 7 inch kindle.  They are beautiful and would work great in a baby quilt .  I have never seen that fabric and don't know how good it is but i will use it. With shipping i payed 29 dollars for it before the shipping went up.    Like i said i don't know how they got on my facebook page!!!
I am usually very picky about who goes on my facebook because of my grand kids.
Have great  sewing day i am going to try to sew some today..   Quilt Happy

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday finish

Hi friends!
The sun shined today!
We went and got hubby's shoulder x-rayed and then had a late valentines lunch.  We usually go to eat for valentines after that day .   We went to red lobster, my favorite place.  I love the biscuits when they are nice and hot!    Better than desert.
I finished this last night and got it into the washer and dryer before i went to bed.  It's the cheater quilt top that sis gave to me.   Doesn't take long to put together and quilt it.
It's pretty but i had a hard time finding something dark to bind it with.  I would think that this could be a man's quilt.  
Not feeling good so i am going to get off here and go lay down for a while.    Right after i take something.  Have a great one friends!
Quilt Happy

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy valentines day

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Hubby got me these yesterday because we had my aunt's funeral today.
He always finds cards that makes me cry.
Sis gave me this cheater quilt a few weeks ago.   I sprayed basted it wednesday and strait    line quilted it yesterday..  Tonight i hope to make binding and get it finished.
We went to the funeral.   Most of the workers at the bank where my aunt worked for 50 years came to the funeral.   We had a packed house.  My uncle and my aunt's cousin husbands started that church  many years ago.  You know i told you that my uncle would come and get me every sunday morning and carry me to church.  That was the church i went to all my life. We still go there  sometimes.
Have a great day.  Quilt happy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi friends!
Dreary day!

My bom blocks for feb. for crafty.  The first one i did i didn't like the little square in the center and i didn't place the side right.  The second one i used the same square and got the sides right. this is the third, forth and fifth ones.  Them i posted on crafty.
These are the fabrics for the next quilt.  H. plays basketball, football, baseball and runs in track.
Hubby picked out the bottom fabric.  H. is our baby grandson on his side of our family.  He will be  12 his birthday in may. So i have awhile to get it made and the next will be N and he want be 13 until Sept. and then my W. will be 13 on hubby's birthday so he will be the next one after that.  Don't think i will get them all a quilt made this year but i am going to try.   Their is just 12 in my list of grand kids that are still in school.

Hubby has a app. to get x-rays Friday and next Wednesday he goes for a biopsy in his mouth .
The Dr. is sending him because he chews tobacco.  And he wants to play it safe.
Our blood work came back great so that's one good thing.
Need to get some sewing in because we will be going to the funeral tomorrow and friday will be x-rays so it will be sat. before i get to sew again
Have a wonderful day.   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi friends!
Rainy day!
Gave them their quilts.  They are still here so i am getting off and spend some time with them. Have a great day  Quilt Happy

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hi friends!
Dreary day!
We went for our 2 times a year check-up.  Where they draw blood and send it off.  to see if the meds they are giving you are killing you!!!
Had to go without eating so we went straight to hardies for a gravy sausage biscuit.  Have to get our reward!! Thats what that gravy was!!
Our little town isn't big enough to support a hardies,  they were here and were covered up in the mornings But no one would go there for other meals. so they closed it.
But our dr. is in a bigger town so we run right to it and pig out!
Hubby has to go for x-rays when they make him a appt.
He hurt his shoulder back in oct. when he worked on our bathroom and is just now going.  He was hoping it would just go away by its self.
I finished  Alisha's quilt yesterday, no sunshine to take a good picture.  Tomorrow i am going to take some of daughter's kids to the dentist so i will give it to them then!!
My 91 year old aunt died yesterday!  The one we gave things out of our garden to.
I just went and saw her last week and she was talking a mile a minute and she just took a turn for the worse.
They had called in hospice  last week end and she died Sunday.  She was the sweetest.   When i was little her and her hubby would come and get me every Sunday and carry me to church.
Got to get busy.  Quilt Happy

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
This pillow is for youngest step-daughter's birthday.  It's not till march so i got ahead of my list.
Oldest has a birthday in a few days but i want see her till Easter so i have some time. I made hers but haven't bought the stuffing yet.  The back is what was left from my border of my blue quilt.  The white next to oldest got me for my birthday and the flower blocks her grand mother made by hand years ago.
Have a beautiful day.  Quilt Happy

Friday, February 8, 2013

53 years ago

Hi friends!
Dreary day.
That picture is me when i was 18 years old.  My mother keep it and when she died i got it.
Wish i looked like that now!!!
I finished my flimsy!!! yahoo!!   It wasn't big enough so i added a border of the only fabric that i had enough  left of  to make a border. It is here and there in the quilt.. See the big pile of scraps left from it?
It measure  62 by 82 now.  Should be plenty big enough to keep my baby granddaughter warm.  Today i am going to see what i have for a backing, get that sewed together and maybe tomorrow i will baste her .
I am going to make 2 pillows this weekend  for gift's for birthdays and next week i have to find some thing to go with that for a present.
Lots to do!!  Have a great weekend friends  , love you all!!!!  Quilt Happy

Thursday, February 7, 2013

More blocks

Hi friends!
Rainy day !
for miss holly
This is i hope the last of this quilt.  Ss you can see i put a ring around a block that was two small to make it 11 inches.  My last red work block is done too.  I just put the last stitches in to it.
Now to get it ready to quilt.  Hope my spray on basting holds out.  I have used that can on a lot of quilt.
That was 'honey honey' by kate spain that i got in the mail yesterday. It's it beautiful?
The blanket i put on here for miss holly who is a good friend of mine.  Don't know if she know that i crochet are not.well.  A quilt is calling my name. Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy