Friday, March 31, 2017

Four in process

Hi friends!
I have no finishes for This month!
I have 4 quilts in process!
My farm girl shown above.
Hagen's quilt, sandwiched waiting to be quilted.
Blake's quilt, I run out of interfacing yesterday but this morning some I ordered from Jo Ann's two weeks ago came!  Good timing!
My tumbler quilt that I am making on my other blog.    Here
A couple more rows and it will be ready for the borders.
So maybe if I don't start another quilt I will have some finish's next month.
Hugs Babs

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blueberry Block

Hi friends!
My blueberries!
 I had the most trouble with this block! I keep sewing things up sides down.  Good thing I have a jack the ripper.

The finished block.
Perfect colors for blue berries.
I only have one of these but I think it's so pretty.
I think it was part of a bag that Amy gave me years ago when they were renting but looking for a house to buy. She didn't want to plant them there.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blake"s Quilt.

Hi friends!
I am making a quilt for Blake out of his old t-shirts.
This is one of them.
You can tell this one has been well used.
I've got a nice little stack going!  The best thing about these with GAUG you quilt them as you make them and when you are through you have a quilt , no sandwiching them.
Today I plan on making a blue berry block for my vintage farm girl and making some more of these.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vintage Farm Girl

Hi friends!
I added my mama chicken so I had five farm animals going across.
That's four rows finished and added.
She was hiding on the other side!
Still up to her tricks!
Wanting to run away and hide.

I lined up these but need another baking or coking inspired block or two.  I will look and see what I can find.
I will need a few more blocks to finish up this queen sized quilt.
Have a good one

Monday, March 27, 2017

Hagen's Quilt

Hi friends!
I Sewed my backing together for this quilt last week-end.
Tommy helped me set the table up on the enclosed porch. It was crowded but it's better than in the house.
We store pretty much every thing out there in the winter.
All my plants and some of our porch chairs.
I put it together and brought it in to work on again on Sunday.
I had been sewing on my quilting machine on little samples and though it was fine but as soon as I started quilting it showed it's self.
I have another machine I can quilt on so I will drag it in here and put it on the table.
I need to swap them out so I can get this quilted.
Just hope I don't need to do much seam ripping!
We went to Tommy's cancer Dr. this morning and he said the Cat scan looked great.
That's a king sized blessing!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mama Chicken Block

Hi friends!
I had made one of these but it went walk-a-bout so I had to make another.
I used some fabric that I bought to make Amy a egg gathering apron a few years ago,
That dot just lined up right for her eye.
The first one I made came to 12 1/2 inch's but this one somehow wouldn't do that so the grass was necessary.
That will make one more row for my quilt.
I ordered unbleached muslin for the back of Blake's quilt but I got bleached  instead today! Ordered  from Jo-Ann's.
May go to Walmart and see if they have some. I need it now! So can't wait for another order to come in the mail.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Pears

Hi friends!
If you look closely you will see my pear's are two fabrics! But they are close to the same.
I blame it on my eye!
But I sure wasn't going to do it over.
These fabrics were fat quarters or scraps so couldn't if I wanted to.
My drawing is not the best but it work's for me.
I think today I will replace mama Chicken that got lost. 
Maybe after I see the Dr. tomorrow I will be able to sandwich Hagen's quilt.
At least I should be able to bend over. Tommy has hollowered at me all week about bending. If you just think about it we women bends over picking things up from the floor all day long! Or I do.
Today is  what I call a good day!
We are staying home and I will get some sewing done.
Doesn't take much to make me happy does it?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pear Block

Hi friends!
Yesterday I decided to make the pear block. I found two fabrics that work and looked for a light one for the center of the second pear.
The pear on the left!
I got this much done before I quit. Still looking for some thing for the middle. I may have to use muslin !

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blake's Quilt

Hi friends!
This morning when I got up I decided I was going to sew!!!
My left eye is still blurry but it's a little better than yesterday and I am feed up.
I sandwiched this and sprayed it good and pinned so it couldn't move and sewed across it both ways.
That's all the quilting this will get because the letters are fragile and I don't want to mess with them. That's why I decided to QAUG these . I have to put interfacing on the back of each one but this one I interfaced both layers of the shirt so the blue on the back layer would show.
Going to use black beauty to do this quilt. Trim in black!
My featherweight.
I took her to Q-Bees but we didn't get any sewing done that day.
I trimmed the access all the way around . One done many more to go!
I am making this quilt 80 by88 inch's, a full size.
I am putting off sandwiching Hagen's quilt until this eye is ok. They said not to bend over or pick up heavy things and that table is heavy so maybe next week end. Tommy has been picking up and plugging in things for me but he messed up his foot so we will just wait.
Have a good one

Monday, March 20, 2017

My Surgery

Hi friends!
I did this Wednesday before I had surgery on my eye Thursday. Still can't see out of my left eye but it's finally getting a little better.
My first eye cleared up the night after surgery but its been 4 days and I just have a blur in my left one.
Maybe by tomorrow I will be back to normal, I hope.
Not much sewing going on!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Farm Quilt

Hi friends!
I have lost my mama chicken.
All my animals except mama chicken.
 I know I made one but I have misplaced her somewhere. I have looked and looked. I may have to make another. Of course as soon as I make another I will find it.
How do you like my little pig?   No farm is complete with  out a pig.
You need to have that bacon and sausage!
I need at least 11 more blocks , I have eight!
So time to make some more blocks.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hagen's Quilt Top

Hi friends!
This was where I was last week.
Put all of this together!
Added some more!
This was all the blocks I had made.
I decided to add another row of blocks  yesterday.
Added the stars on top yesterday before supper.
All it liked was the borders. So I did those after supper.
Now the top is finished. Just like sandwiching and quilting and binding.
Its a very large twin!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Hi friends!
We went to Gainesville yesterday to see Tatum's play. This is her last year. Off to collage this year!
But every time I look at her I see her as two years old.
That's her squatting in the front in her overalls.
She cried yesterday and I cried! They grow up so fast.
They did "Shrek".
She has been in the N. Hall Hollow Horse players ever since they moved over there when she was five or six.
We enjoyed it , but enjoyed seeing my son and his family more. He cooked for all of us, Amy's mother and father was there and her sis and her four boys.
That's my baby girl on the right  as a pig!
She really love the theater.
When she was tiny she would line up my bears and dolls and Addie in little chairs and perform for them. She may have been four.
We got home at eight .Wouldn't have been as bad but the time changed so we were wiped out.
Old age ain't for woose!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Q-Bees meeting

Hi friends!
We had Q-Bess last night.
This is our teacher, Dejoyla on the right and Charlotte, forgot the one on the far lefts name and can't find my list! I had it right here the other day!  Things just vanish!!!

This is Vickie and her latest quilt. With Diane watching.
We all brought our blocks for our quilt and these are Vickie's.
We had a great time !
We have more fun than any thing else.
Going to get busy making some heart blocks for Colette's quilt.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Hi friends!
Some friends of Colette's are going to be making heart blocks for her a quilt. To show how much we love her. We are using the 10" inch heart block made by Please send your blocks to Krislovesfabric .
This  is the pattern we are using , just 10 inch's,  from  Here and she needs them by march 31.  Here is her email address If you want to make one let Kris know by emailing her. She will send you her address.
I will be looking today for a special fabric for my block for her quilt.
I know all to well the shock of losing some one in a flash !
Hugs Babs