Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day.
I got this book at mckays the last time sis and i went there.   Now i am making some of them for alisha's quilt. Some i am just making up as i go along, i though that that middle one would be cute on a little girls quilt.
the only problem with making blocks from a book is that some are to small and some are to big.
I need to mix in more colors because i don't like to much pink.  But i have some much of it left over from red haired girl's quilt ,i am trying to use that up to.
I have 9 blocks made.  It's a twin sized quilt.  My daughter has all twin beds for her 7 that are living at home.
When i do one for hago i will have to find out what size he has.  He used to have a twin.
I guess you know that i am making all my young grandkids a quilt.
Got to get busy.  Have a great sewing day!!!  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Books and storms

Hi friends!
Nasty weather!  2 have lost their lives today in these awful storms.  Please pray for all the family's and every one that is hurting from these storms.
We are fine!
I have been making 11 inch blocks for Alisha's quilt.
Yesterday all i did was make a mess on every thing i tryed to do.  I finally gave up and read a book instead.
 I read Karen Harpers 'deep down'  it was pretty good . It built up from about the third chapter.  Really got good towards the last.   i had to finish,  couldn't put it down!
That price on their is 'mckays' price .  mckays is a store in tenn. that you can carry books that you have read and they will give you credit for them on what ever you want of theirs.  They take movies , books c d's music of all kinds.  That's where i get my quilting books and most of my reading books.
My sis buys a lot and brings them to me to read before we carry them back.
Have a great day friends and stay safe!!! Quilt happy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Red work and new great grand?

Hi friends!
I don't think i put these on my blog when i was making   'ornies'  before christmas.  My tree is a little wonky.
Just a bit!!!
I am working away on my red work and i am really enjoying it.
We are 'expecting' a new great grand later on today.  'Miss emma' is about to make her way into this world!!!  They put her mother in and are inducting her and they told us they would put her on face book as soon as she got here.  So i am watching face book more today than usual.   As soon as i get a picture i will put it on here.
We were going shopping for clothes today but it's so nasty looking outside that i changed my mind.   Hate shopping in the rain!!!
Got to spend some time sewing today.   Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy

Monday, January 28, 2013

Davids quilt

Hi friends!
Nice day!
I entered this quilt on the quilting gallerys ' beginnings'.   I voted for it last friday but it may be over with now.  I just wanted to put that quilt on something and i did.   When i was voting it had 4 votes.  Which is pretty good for me not to get people to vote on it.
Maybe next time i will know more about it and can push it for more votes.
I found this pattern in with my bag of old craft stuff and am making  red work out of it.  I had had the pattern for 16 or 17 years so it did good for that much age, i was surprised that i transfered at all.  It did so good i now have it on my ironing board cover.
Went to see my aunt Louise today, she is in the nursing home recovering from a stay in the hospital.
She is just as bright and chipper as always and she is 91 years old.  She will be able to come home soon, she has to get her upper body strengh back.
Got to get busy love all my followers.   Quilt happy

Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Hi friends!
Beautiful day.
I have two big totes full of scraps so i worked on cutting them up yesterday.

A pile of  3 inch squares and some 5 inch squares and my bigger pieieces
 that i will save for projects.  Also i bag for strings for a someday string quilt.
  I won a giveaway on 'world of charity stitching'  from pellon.  Just when i found out that we are having another  great grand.  Yes that's battening for a baby quilt!!!!
When these 2 due the next few weeks and that one due in august  we will have 10 great grands .
 And some  more things to play with..
Have a great sewing week end....  Quilt Happy

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday finish

Hi friends!Dreary day!
I really finished this and took these pictures on Wednesday   But was saving it so i could join in finish it Friday.
we sleeped under it last night and it's so warm.   The heaviest quilt i have ever done and i haven't washed it because i don't know whether my washing machine will hold it.  It's king size!
I have washed king sized comforters in my washer so i may try it later.
They have said we would get some ice today but i think they are wrong,  most of it is north of us.  Of course i have kids in it and am worried about them all, but maybe it want be so bad.
Being retired we have to freedom to stay at home when the weather is bad.  But i remember driving to work in a solid sheet of ice.  When i got there i swore i would never do that again.
I am cooking a big pot of soup  for us to eat.   You know when it's this cold outside  you can't get warm.
 Hope you have a good sewing day.  Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bom blocks

Hi friends!
Great day!!
The first of janurary i joined craftsy  block of the month .  This is the first 4 blocks for January's.  In a few days maybe we will get the Feb. block so i can make it.  The reason i joined was that there is some of the blocks that i don't know how to do.
It is taught by Laura Nownes .  And if anyone wants to join it's called the 2013 block of the month.   I have never done y blocks and several more i need brushing up on.
I think i will enjoy it very much.  She walks you Thur every step of making the block every month and you can get the video at any time.
And the best part it's free.
It's great for beginners and it's sure to have somethings for us old sewers that we haven't done some of the things  in a while.
Hope you have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi friends!  Beautiful day!
i want to tell you about something i signed up for.  it's called quiltersblog.  Their link is below.  They will help my blog grow.
One thing i love about them is their daily special..  You will learn about new business's every day plus they will tell you about all the good sales.
Another great service they offer is 'finding my fabric'.  If you run out and don't have enough to finish your quilt, you can use this to find some.
That is a great thing because we all mess up sometimes.
I can't say enough about this site , so go and check it out your self.  You will love getting the deals and finding your fabric.  It will save a lot of time  And you know we need that time to sew.  The link is below.  have a great sewing day. quilt happy

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi friends!
Sunny but cold here today!
As you can see i have quilted my no name quilt .  All i like is sewing on the binding and i think i am making that in the red..  I love my sewing machine!  The singer i had last year wasn't set up for quilting but this one is and the opening is big enough for a rolled up quilt to fit thu.   I want to try some free motion quilting  soon.
that's that quilt i started for Alisha and it's to big so since i love it i added on to it it and made it for us.
The man across the street has been feeding some pigs with some friends of his and they are down in the pasture right now killing one so hubby just had to go and see if they are doing it right.   Years ago he and his father used to do that every year.
I remember my first hubby did that once but that was the end of that.  It was to messie for him and no one would eat what they thought of as a pet.
Hope every one has a lot of time to sew today.  I know what i will be doing.
Love to mall my followers.   Quilt Happy

Monday, January 21, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I finished my blue quilt.  I fought it all day sat. and finally won.   Sewed on the white binding sat. night and got her in the washer and dryer and on our bed that night!
Hubby loves it.  It's so warm and toasty.
My cousin died and we went to the funeral home last night.   He was 64 and always took care of himself.    But he was on the heart transplant list for over a year and just couldn't last long enough.   I think i told you about our niece that's heart gave out and she was in her early 40th.  She got her heart and on the way to the operating room she died .  But they kelp her alive long enough to wheel her in and now she is enjoying life with her 3 year old grand daughter.   With another on the way.
It's amazing what they can do.
But i think that his age worked against him.  I think if you are younger and in good health other wise they will get you one faster.  I could be wrong but that's the way it appears.   I know he needed something else done and they wouldn't put him on the list until he had that taken care of.
Well enough sad news.
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy

Friday, January 18, 2013

No snow

Hi friends!
No snow!!! The last picture was taken during the night because the light on the gravels looked like snow.
The sunlight on the gravels look like snow too but we didn't see a flake.  We did get some freezing rain but then it stopped.
I am still working on that blue quilt.  Maybe next week!  Me and jack the ripper worked together all day yesterday.
I had hoped to finish it and start getting the other one ready to quilt.  Maybe if we don't have a bunch of company this weekend i will have a lot of time to work on them.
They are having a baby shower for one of my grandgirls but it's her 2th so i made her a quilt and blanket and if one of the girls goes i will send it by her.  Red haired girl goes to church  where they are having it.
It's 60 miles from here and my back and cars don't mix.
 Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow maybe

Hi friends!
I have been working away on my blue quilt.   Have  a problem with not enough fabric and can't find any more so i may  rework part of it to make it work.     Want take me long , it's just moving some blocks.  maybe i will have a finish for tomorrow.  If not i can always claim my flimsy for a finish.  But i don't think they are finished until you can put them on a bed.  This one is quilt as you go. But instead of just doing blocks and did parts of the quilt and them put them together.  So far it works very well.
  We went to take care of some things but all that's out their now is rain.  Suppose to turn to snow later 
today.  And be ice on the roads tomorrow , hope everyone is safe.   We are retired so we just want go anywhere.
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


i love this flimsy

Hi friends!
Still raining!
That pot holder is all i sewed yesterday.   Mostly read and spent time with my hubby but i can only stand so much  t v.
See my new fridge?   We got one before my kids came to exchange gifts for christmas.  Didn't get the one with a freezer in the bottom because i am to old to hang into a freezer and try to get stuff in the back.  Hubby had to take the tile up where the other freezer sat. It was wet under it and all the tile was loose .  Now why would they sale you some thing that will ruin your floors?
I finished  that quilt top, but it's so pretty and so big i am seriously thinking of keeping it for my bed.
All it would need is a little blue added to the sides  to be the same size as that comforter on my bed and it's king size.
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sister's gift to 2 of my grands

Hi friends!
This is what my sis gave to tator bug and addie lou.  Ain't the beautiful and look at that quilting!
She knows what they like and made them both one of fabric  to to reflect that.   One with flying pigs and the other with elephants.   Beautiful quilts !
They loved them!!!!
I wish i could quilt like that but the lady's name is patsy and she lives in the Carolina's.  Don't know her last name but if anyone what's to send her some business i could find out for you.
She does amazing quilting!!
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hi friends!
Rainy day!
You see we have a winner.   It's bonnie 58. I got in touch with her and she sent me her snail mail and i will be sending it to her as soon as possible.
I worked on my blue quilt over the weekend and have it about half way.
Also worked on the sneak peak quilt.  You will have to wait until i get it further alone.  Haven't got a flimsy yet.
But should have that later this week.
Got to get busy , It want sew itself.
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt happy

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sneak peak

Hi friends!
A week of rain!!  Good sewing weather.
   giveaway   page  don't forget  This is the last day, i will pull a winner over the weekend and post it monday
I made 9 and i need 12 of those 22 inch blocks
I needed some more red to make the rest, so i wrote it on my list  and started looking.  After about 2 hours i found in my stach two yards of red !!  The same red, boy am i lucky!   But now i will have to get some blue  because i 'think'   i am going to sash it in blue.  If i don't change my mind before i get to that point.
I plan good don't i?  I just go  where it takes  me ,  i may see some color that i think would look better.  But i have learned my lesson and it has  to be good quilting cotton.
My 2th quilt i found the greatest fabric to go with it but it stretched, the pink quilt i sewed i used a man made fabric for the backing.      Never again!!!
Got to get busy and get my other 3 blocks made , if we don't go to town today i will work over the weekend on my blue  "quilt as you go"quilt.
Have  a great sewing day.   Quilt Happy  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas part 2

Hi friends!
This is what my wonderful kids got me for Christmas!  My daughter got me all that great sewing stuff and a bag so i can carry it where ever i go.  Some more rulers , a new cutter and man it is so much better than the cheap one i bought to get started.  Those paper packs are kits to print something on to put in my quilts.  haven't tried that yet because my ink is so low.
My darling son and his beautiful wife got me a Kimble fire because they know i love to read.  Of course that was all i had the 2 weeks my computer was in the shop and i finally figured out how to post but couldn't load pictures.  My first computer was given to me by my daughter in law. her father was upgrading his computer system and was going to throw it out so she got me one, i had to get it fixed to go on the Internet but that is how i got started.  I had taken some classes in the early 90ies but never could afford a computer.
You can see i had a great christmas
I love all of my kids but these three are mine and i love them a little bit more or maybe a whole lot more.
Well got to get to sewing, i made 4 blocks yesterday and just have enough red for 3 more blocks then i must find something that will go with it to sash it.

Have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy