Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our day

Hi friends!
I didn't do much yesterday  after going to the Dr.
Sis came over yesterday afternoon, She has been to Canada and then took a Cruise stopping here and there in Canada and then Maine.
She brought me this , it's a play on my name.
And Tommy this both from Bar Harbor Maine.
About all i got done was this.
I still need the last a.
I sewed this together , today i looked at walmart for something to finish it with but couldn't find any thing i liked.
As soon as i finish here i will look on line.
 It will take a while but maybe it will get here on time.
We have been in town for hours today but i need to sew!
Wish me luck

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shania's quilt

Hi friends!
Making letter's for Shania's quilt.

Hoping to finish the letters today so i can add the rest and get it ready to sandwich..
Her shower is Oct.10th but i don't like much , just this quilt and maybe a diaper changing pad.
I am going to look for some plastic backed fabric for the back of it.
I need to find some fall flowered fabric for my table runner.
I will  put it together today to, then it will have to wait until i go shopping.
Of course it's a while until thanksgiving but i wanted to use it next month for our family Reunion.
We went for our check up this morning. Dr. Bowers  was glad to see Tommy and hear all about the surgery.
We had our blood work and got our  Flu shots so we are ready for winter.
Then we went to Hardies for breakfast.
After eating we had to go to Rock Springs to get things for the tractor.
To keep it under warranty we have to buy filters and thing from them.
My sewing machines are nothing compared to the tractor  and loan mower when i comes to taking money!
Every year at this time we open our windows but not this year , these Chicken houses have put a stop to that.
I hate not being able to air out the house before winter.
I always deep clean the whole house when the temp.s start to cool .  I will start this week, when you get old you do one room at a time.
Have a good one.
Quilt Happy

Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Weekend

Hi friends!
I worked on my table runner most of the sewing time i had this weekend.

I think i am going to have to look for me something for the borders,
Those two are the only thing i could find and the lower is fat quarters so not big enough.
Plus when i opened the red it looked like Christmas.
I got Kim to help me and we decided that the first just had a little to much pink to suit.
I finished this turkey on Sat.
This one i got done Sunday.
Yesterday we had home coming at our church so i cooked Sat. and we stayed after church to eat .
We had a great quartet of men singing  for our home coming  "Heirborn" is a wonderful qroup.
Then had a great time eating and catching up with people i have know all my life.
After we got home Kim and her hubby came over.and then Brad and Dimi came with lola .
Clair was with her grandmother.
Lola had just wake up and was ill at first but soon she was having a good time.
She is growing like a weed.
Hope you had a good one to.
Quilt Happy

Friday, September 25, 2015

Shania's Big Blanket

Hi friends!
I pined it and mixed up the different colored binding yesterday.
It was late when i finished it and pouring down rain this morning so this is it.
I wanted it plenty big enough so they could use it longer.
I used the lighter pink on the sides and the darker on the top and bottom.
I love those little bears.
This is what i have made her so far.  The pink and grey blanket i am giving to Kari so she can put it up for Gracie when she marries and has her first child.
That's 4 bibs , 6 burp cloth's different sizes. And two blankets for her!
 Now to get her quilt finished.
Does any know of any thing else i could make that is easy?
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Machine cover.

Hi friends!
Right after i blogged yesterday i saw a couple of blogger were making machine covers.
I needed to use up some scraps bad.  I had been needing a new cover for my big machine for a while.
So i made me one!
These are the sides.
Then i went looking for some scrap big enough to go across the top.
Sewed them to it and  looked for scrap battening and backing.and quilted them together.
This was my bag of 4 inch squares after i made the front and back.
It's a little lighter.
Trimmed it down to the size i wanted it and found some more scrap fabric for the sides.
Added some binding and now i have a new cover for my big brother 1500 from scraps.
I need to think of about a billion other things to make to even make a dint!
I very seldom use a pattern , i might see a picture that i like and make something similar.
This one should last a while , it's good and thick so dust can't get into it and it's high enough so i don't have to do more than put down my thread pole on top of my machine.
I quilted it with wavy lines.
Let me see what i can get into today!
Have a good one.
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lots today

Hi friends!
I worked a while on this yesterday.
Then we went to town, Tommy needed a filter and oil to change the oil in his john deere.
Next week he changes every thing in his tractor , very costly.
Monday when i went to Walmart i got some blue thread , that's what i went for, and bought 2 yards  of this black and this little stax.
Can't seem  to buy just  one thing. That black is for trim and i am thinking the bottom of a winter bag.
We will see.
The black was 6 something a yard so it's the good stuff.
They do have some good mixed in with the cheap.
I ran across a bag of scraps that Sis had given me that i hadn't looked through before and found 81/2 inch pieces of ball fabric for boys. Now i think i will make some pillow cases out of those. Don't know how that will look but i sewed some together to see. I will take those two that are against each other off and do another one to finish it. It's plenty big enough for a big pillow. Their are two great grands that i have made a quilt for but not pillows and they love sports so this will be for them.
Did a little on this! I like having lots of things going so when i get tired of working on one i change.
I am really loving this table runner. Think i will work on it today.I need to add these pieces and cut him a tie and tiny beck. Is that how u spell it..... beck?
Have a good one!
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Things around here

Hi friends!
Noah has a birthday late this month so i made him a Falcons pillow case and we bought him a new pillow.
He likes Auburn but they only had pink Auburn fabric when i went to get some for this.
I am starting to just make pillow cases instead of pillow covers.
Yesterday i took off the blanket binding on Shania's big blanket and am going to put it back on with big brother..
I didn't like the way baby sewed it on !
Going to try to get this finished today , then all i will like is finishing her quilt.
The baby shower is the 10th of next month..
Ready to put back together.
As i told you I went back to get some more and the same number was a different shade so i am going to use one on each side and the other on the top and bottom.
Don't know how that will look but I have  looked all over for the other i had bought and can't find it any where.
Just as soon as i finish it it will show up.
I am still working on this to.  Got till Thanksgiving to finish.
Have a great one friends
Quilt Happy

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hi friends!
I finished it and daughter came and got it Sat.
Funny how some blocks just seem bigger than others.. I am liking this more since i finished it.
I put Velcro on Shania's bibs.  Did this Sunday!
I didn't turn on my sewing machine Sat. , just read what time i had free.
I needed a day to recover from these Allergys, don't guess they will go away any time soon.
But at least i am feeling a little better.
Hate to take any thing for them because it makes you feel so bad.
Have a good one.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Danette's Quilt

Hi friends!
My first border., first time i have added borders to the side like that but it turned out good.
On the other side!
I am liking this method of adding borders!
Last night i got started on hand sewing my binding down.
Should finish it tonight.
And another one bits the dust!!!!
Glad to see the last of this one.
I have got to do a birthday pillow case , finish quilting a quilt. finish my Thanksgiving table Runner and finish the baby  gifts for our next great grand.
Shania's quilt and blanket have been waiting patiently for me to get back to them. I need them finished in a few weeks.
Have a great weekend friends.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Danette's Quilt

Hi friends!
Cut out my borders yesterday.
My backing  for it was cut in 6 peices because of the amount i had left of it but that will work.
I am going to add it with the beige because i'm not going to have enough brown to do it even after buying another more  2 yards.
Some patterns just eat up fabric. The more cutting the more fabric you need. She bought lots and I  have some beige , yellow and red left. She didn't want a whole lot of those colors in it.
The borders , just 4 inches  for each side.
That should make it wide enough, it measures 90 in length. Maybe i can get the binding sewed on today and get started hemming tonight. She wanted it today but maybe Sat. will work just as good.
Tommy had been worried about his week eating so yesterday he got out there and did some of it . He stopped when he got tired. You have to stay on him and he will get keep going. He thinks he should have all his strength back when it's just been 6 weeks since he had surgery.
You know the Dr. said no cancer well the lab results said it was but all they are going to do is watch it with cat scans every 6 months and make sure it doesn't grow back.
I just thank the good Lord that those Alive made him bleed so we found this before it could spread.
His grandfather died of it and his father had surgery at age 8o something and never recovered from it He lived a few more years but his mind was never the same after that.
Have a great day friends
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hi friends!
Got all my rows done but just have three together.
Hoping to join the rest and start on the border today. Hoping to finish by Friday, Hope Hope Hope! Don't know if that's possible but i am working hard on it.
I ordered me some more thread from Connecting Threads and just had to get a half yard of this.
I love their thread and it last a really long time. 5000 yards per cone!
I love Christmas fabric, any body that knows me knows that.
I am working on at least one present that i can't show on here.
At least i worked on it about 15 minutes last weekend!

I made Tommy a sweet potato pie last night. I use 1/4 cup sugar for taste and 3/4 cup of splenda for our health.
He loves them!
I got my Janome , bad picture, out last Sat but didn't do any thing but take it apart, it takes a very small Allen wrench that i don't have to adjust it so i will see if i can get one and try again at a later date.
I just hate to see some that costly go to waste but not enough to spend 100 dollars to get it fixed  for it to run another 6 months.
Just wish they didn't make them so junky!
Have a good one .
Quilt Happy