Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Things Here

Hi friends!

Tomorrow they will start putting down the plank looking flooring. They would have today but didn't have the right nails for the nail gun!

I left two of my machines with the repair man yesterday in Rome, when we came back from buying groceries this morning.   Looks lots better then it did yesterday!

He had left us a massage saying they were ready so we had to drive down there to get them.. He is the best person to work on them but told me today he was 89!

Got the order for my labels for my wheelchair quilts yesterday. 

I just got a phone call , when I looked to see who it was it said "probably fraud"!

Talk about a smart phone!!!!



Monday, June 27, 2022

Working on the House

 Hi friends!

This is number three! Number two is not quit wide enough so I plan on adding some strips to each side.

The two rooms that we are  having  to re-floor.

How we got so much stuffed into those two rooms I will never know!!!! We have just lived here for 22 Years!!!

Of course the job is much worse than we though it would be!         Hubby's parents built to close to the ground and they had never heard of "moisture barrier".

Hubby and I moved most of that heavy furniture to other parts of the house over the week end. When you take it apart it moves a lot better but our bed is now in our dining room.  And he will be 80 next month and  catch up with me.

Well we needed the exercise.!!!

Soon we will be to old to work on this house, we are already out of money!

Stay safe



Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Verse

Isaiah 40:31 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Happy Week End

Hi friends!

The next quilt for the nursing home! Sandwiched and ready to iron and quilt!

 My house is a disaster!!!

We have moved a lot of things ,we are planning on redoing the floors 0f two rooms on Monday.

Didn't know we had all this "STUFF"  Putting lots in the garbage.  NOT enough!

All from a crack in the cement that water   was running off the porch and going straight under the house!

 Have a safe weekend.


People are still getting Covid 19 here!  But it's really going down. Babs

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Hi friends!

Wanted a pattern for one with a pocket so ordered this from "Lovie Lap Quilt" by Carolyn DiPerri..  Just what I needed.. Pockets  that open from two sides. Her blog is "Homesewn by Carolyn"
We are doing some work on the house, Hubby and son-in-law that is. We has a crack in our cement on our big porch . The out-side end was where the  two sides of the roof poured off so it forced lots of water under the house and it has messed up our flooring that we had put down 20 years ago . Three rooms are messed up!

While moving things we found this:

A 67 year old phone book.

Needless to say no sewing has been going on!!! But today I am going to sew!!! Got hubby to help me move some things so I could get to my sewing machine.

I am having withdrawal!!!

Stay safe Buddies



Friday, June 17, 2022


  Hi friends

High 90s here and one of the t.v. stations said we got to 102 yesterday.   It's miserable!


 I made fudge for the girls,  only six or seven of us showed up.

I know I feel sick, it's so hot.

My Sis and one of her quilts.

Margaret has made 20 with bibs so far. She is in her 90's

I am on my second !

I have another panel of this ,  so far three.  All for men.

Well maybe I will get more sewing done since its it so blooming HOT


Lots of our girls were sick to.

We missed the ones that didn't make it.

Stay safe



Monday, June 13, 2022

Random Things


Sis and Belle came to see us Sat.

It's very hard to get a good picture of her!  She is not a year old yet!  Still a Pup!!
This is the third wheelchair quilt!  Maybe for a man.

And I think this will be the forth!

I was making one of my kids a quilt and Sis found this at a yard sale in Atlanta and got me enough to make a king sized, saved me from making that block but I will some day!

I think I have enough for two for the Nursing Home and another of the animals.

My sweet Aunt came over Friday with her daughter. Then my sweet daughter brought us a new T.V. that she paid for.  For a gift to her step dad for Father's day

Two of my grandsons picking up a 20 foot pen for my daughter's new puppy. We had three pens from when we had our big dogs.

My daughter bought one puppy and it got run over so she bought another and we gave her one of our old pens so that wouldn't happen again.  She wants to raise them.

Red tick hounds!

Love all six of my Kids!



Friday, June 10, 2022

Catching Up

 Hi friends!

My Tiger lilies are really blooming this year!

Right after Memorial Day Hubby got sick and I carried him to visit the Dr, Then I got it , not as bad, But I Just now feeling better.

 We were both sick and the T.V. messed up, the computer went out so! Yesterday we gave up on the T.V. and ordered us a new one. And got my computer out of the shop.

I felt like I was living in the dark ages!

It's amazing how we depend on these things!

It's rained all week and hubby is out there getting his lawn mower ready to cut the grass.

Thinking these two fabric's will make a great men's wheel chair quilt! I have two of the animal panels so going to make those up!  I am a tad behind!!!!

Stay Safe