Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Prayers

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Finish, Janurary Finish's

Hi friends!
Finally a finish!
Now as soon as it gets cold again this will go on our bed, Tommy's Deer Quilt.
That ring of wrench blocks saves this quilt from being to dark. He loves it that's all that matters.
Thank you so much Julie Rose HERE     She blogs at julierosequilts She is a sweetie, just  what i needed to get me over the slump after Christmas. I had made him a small quilt for the living room before but made it out of some beautiful fabric , of course he wasn't impressed, it resides on the foot of out bed as a foot warmer. It wasn't a manly quilt but i had ordered some "Honey" when it came out and i loved it !
He should has appreciated me using fabric that was expensive and beautiful on him but some how he was luke-warm about it , wonder why?
Men just doesn't fall in love with fabric like we do i guess!
This was the sum total of what i had finished this month until i finished his quilt.
Two wreaths and a burp cloth. by the way i am still waiting to find out what  what the baby will be.
As some of you know i have been fighting with my Aunt Pauline's quilt for a while on my other blog HERE
So that has taken up a lot of my time.
This came in the mail this morning from Claire    HERE  csppoonquilt.blogspot
She had a giveaway  that i won and she  sent me lots of pink , Thank you so much Claire , i love it! she must have known i have lots of g-g girls. I can just see some of this made up into bibs and burp cloths already for the next g-g.  With 23 grands and only 9 having babies well really 8 because Jessica is married but hasn't started down that road, She has to finish school first. you know i will have lots to make for in years to come.
Our youngest is just 13 and we have lots that are still in school.  4 in college! Two graduates this year  from high school , Jarrod and Allison and two more next year , Tatum and Mark, they are growing up fast.
Have a great weekend 
Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Playing around

Hi friends!
I am hemming!  Just takes a while for this big a quilt. And i can only do it so long before my hands starts hurting.
You know me I need to sew so yesterday i started this!
This is going to be the border!
This is the box, just hoping it will look like that when I get through.  It's a kit that Sis gave me last year but i needed a zigzag machine to do it with.  My fingers want do that much hand  sewing.
Getting that machine for Christmas, I  had this in m,ind , plus mending Tommy's jeans and many other things that takes zigzag.  This should keep me busy for a while.  Every thing was in it but instead of black with white dots for the flower it just has solid black. Does any one have any ideas how i can make tiny white dots on it? I want to hang it up if it looks really good!
Got the top border on!!
I had to stop to make a visit to the Funeral Home last night. my best friend 's mother died so had to go see her, She had been sitting with her mother for 10 years to keep her out of the nursing home.
The night before we went to the same Funeral Home because a good friend lost her daughter , she was only 42 but had something bad wrong with her blood, Our friends only child! 4 grand kids left with out a mother.
When we got home Sis came over and brought some more books, I sack them up and put them on our enclosed back porch until our next trip to McKays. But i think that want be until the threat of snow  has gone , just as sure as we picked a date to go it would snow!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Near the finish!

Hi friends!
It is on the couch for me to bind!
I am hoping that that flannel is as warm as i hope it will be.
If nothing happens i should be able to count this as a finish.
It needs a lot of strings cut and a few other things but it's nearly there.
I quilted large flowers on it
I still had to use some baby flannel and it's pink and blue but it's not as bad as "Dora".
I think Tommy would have drawn the line with that!
Maybe by the next freeze it will be ready for the bed. It has been 36 all morning here , doesn't look like it will get much warmer but suppose to be in the high 60ths this weekend.
I have seen it get that high right before we get many inches of snow!
I have seen a lot in 74 years!!!!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hi friends!
It's finished!
Just pray this works, tired of leaks.
Tommy has all this to use on his barn because some of it is still good.
I spent the day quilting a little while and doing some thing else for a while to ease my shoulders. The only chair i can get high enough moves when i quilt so that makes it worse. So i am trying to get cushions high enough to do it.
All i like now is the borders, hopefully i will be done today and can get the binding sewed on. Then i can go back to quilting my other quilt .
Have a good one 
Quilt Happy

Monday, January 25, 2016


Hi friends!
I started quilting and turned it over and found this.
So i made me a baby quilt and went to work on my machine.
This is my baby quilt!
Think it may be ok now!
This is whats happening at our house today!
Our roof [11 years old] had gotten rust and holes in it and rain was going in so s-i-law came over to put on a new roof. I am pretty sure it came with a so many year guarantee but  have lost all the paper work so we are paying for a new roof!
We have put so much money into fixing up this house that we could have built a new one.
And we are still not through!
Used to when you retired your appliances lasted 30 years,  they last a   average of  5 years now.   We have replaced all of the ones we bought before we retired!
So far our old cars are doing all right but lots of money is going for repair. Any thing bought in the last ten years are programed to self destruct in 5 years.
So our repair man said! He told us never buy something that had a tiny dent because right under that dent will be a leak that would take more money to fix then to buy it new.
When we bought our fridge the one we picked out got bumped so when they called Tommy told them to forget it, we didn't want it. Of course we found a different one and have have it for a few years , just pray it doesn't fall apart any time soon.I will stop fussing now!
Just go and sew at least my old machines are good[knock on wood]
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Friday, January 22, 2016

Around here

Hi friends!
Sandwiching His quilt. This will be one pretty quilt with all that chocolate!!!!!
I did one half and then turned it around to do the other half.  Today i will turn it over and make sure its as taunt as i can get it. To ready it for Quilting.
Not a good picture but wasn't going out in the rain to get a better one, you can see where our hill starts to go up behind that old dog house. The hill where that black bear must have a cave for him to leave bear scat in our yard in two places.
This is what we found in our front yard one Sunday morning and there's more behind the garden fence.
I looked it up and it said Bear Scat.
This is where it had clawed around the dogs pin trying to get to their food. Tommy looked for any kind of tracks first because we though a horse had gotten out , the ground was wet but no tracks . Houses leave deep tracks in soft ground but bears weigh less and leave very little tracks.  Makes me a little nervous about going into the woods to throw  out scraps.
This was the bush outside my sewing room yesterday early , ice all over but it melted away by afternoon.  They are saying snow later today.
Hope it's better where you live.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Backing And winnings

Hi friends!
This is my backing except for a ten inch's along the side.
I bought 6 1/2 yards because that was all they had.
I have looked every where , found some blue that heaver and some pink that's heaver.  I may have to use that !
Tommy wont see the back maybe!
This came yesterday, i won it on a blog hop from Anne Kelle but Lindsay MacKay sent me the message that i had won.
I have been waiting on this book.,  ct publishing sent it out at at the end of the blog hop , a great book. i love making bags and this tells you how to put on different fasteners along with all kinds of great bags for every occasion.
Written by Lindsay Conner and Janelle Mackay.
A great book!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Hi friends!
I finish up the blocks and added them to his quilt.
Now for the border , had to go get some more brown
fabric because i wanted it to be real big.
Started adding borders.                                          
I put 12 inch on the top and bottom and fifteen on each side.

So far so good
Got all the borders
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Working on The Deer quilt

Hi friends!
I finished another row of wrench blocks and then added them after figuring out how big the strips in between must be.
Though about using this fabric and just having two borders
I looked at it and took pictures but just didn't really like it.  If I had had some more of the leaves that i made the wrench blocks with I would have used it but I didn't buy but 2 yards when I bought it , I should always buy at least 3 yards .I decided not to use it! So now to make some more wrench blocks  to make it at least a little longer.
I sewed some white around these and trimmed them all to six inches. 
Ironed on the interfacing on all the six inch squares.
Sis came over late and i closed my sewing room for the day.
Have a good one

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tommys Quilt

Hi friends!
My wrench blocks had to have a small bit of brown between them.
I like how this looks but 4 wasn't quit long enough to cover one side .

I am loving how this looks so far.
I cut another fold and stitch wreath for my dining room table.  I have the first Christmas one on it but want to put it up..   I think this will be fine until spring when i may make me a spring one.
I cut up a few scraps to, i plan on working on those every weekend until i get some of this mess cleaned up. I have totes full of all blocks , scraps and fabric , lots of them! 

We had company over the weekend. 
Clair and Lola came over , they are growing so fast. That Lola gets taller every time i see her. Clair told me she loves her grand maw {me} and Nanna Missy,[Tommy's oldest} Her grandmother. 
Have  a good one 
Cold here!
Quilt Happy

Friday, January 15, 2016

Squaring blocks

Hi friends!
I squared up the blocks i have made last night.
Went yesterday and bought fabric to do the rest of the quilt.
Bought this for the backing, it's a bright flannel.  You know i am going to get some bright fabric some where in this quilt.  Browns are just not my colors.
Bought some more brown and some matching thread to.

So now i am all set , have every thing i need to finish.
Maybe i will get some sewing done this weekend.  It's suppose to get real cold next week, maybe in the single digits or close to it.
They are saying sown flurries  Sunday but not much else. I wouldn't mind if we got a little snow , maybe a inch!  They have said we would get snow this winter so we may not get any thing. Mother nature likes to prove our weathermen wrong.
Have a great weekend 
Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Working on his quilt

Hi friends!
A better picture of the panel.   I am thinking bout  a small brown   border around these blocks to make it up to the size to the edge of the  border panel.

I love the fallen leaves, reminds me of the woods when they hunt!

Still working on it but shouldn't take to long but not a finish for this month i am pretty sure.
I think i will have one from my other blog to show you later this month.
Have a great day
Quilt Happy