Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My February Finish's

Hi friends!
Last Sat. my kona green came in. It's called clover! Maybe it will look like grass in my spring vintage farm girl quilt.
I like it better than the other green or red.
I joined one together just to see how it looks.
For the first month in a long time I don't really have any quilt  finish's for the month.
Unless you count all the blocks I have made.
Should have a couple of quilts next month. I did finish some pillows on my other blog
I made four of these!
And two of these.
This one for my couch!
And this one for some spring in these cloudy grey  rainy days.

Monday, February 27, 2017

One Block

Hi friends!
I did manage to make one block for Hagen's Quilt. A Atlanta Braves block.
Noah's will be more Football because he is more into football.
Hagen plays all sports that he can   and still have time to go to school.
They told Tommy not to let me pick up any thing or bend over , he didn't ask for how long but she said it should be healed in a week so he is picking things up for me. He hollows every time I forget and bend over to pick something up.
Do you know how many times you bend over to pick up something when you are a woman? Hundreds!!!!!
You don't think about it but you do.
I have some 20 year old glasses I am using because the top's were clear glass back then.
After he get through I will get me some to use but I may just go for reading glasses. Depend on what my vision is then.
Sis-in-law had the lazar surgery and it doesn't have as many restrictions.
So did Kim in her early forties. Hard to believe you can have cataract's at that age but she did.
I made another pillow to.
That's the fabric we got when we went to Fort Payne.
A splash of spring.
Tommy will have it before I know it and put in behind his back.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Surgery and Hagen's Quilt

Hi friends!
Yesterday we got up early and drove to Rome, Floyd Hospital, had to be there at 6:30.
I was first in line for surgery so by nine we were in the drive-thru at McDonalds for our late breakfast. We were home by fifteen after!
I sleep off and on all day.
This morning we had to be there by 8 for him to check it out. He said mine was a whopper, My cataract.
I remember him saying it was a large one. You can't be knocked out because you have to move your eye when he tells you to.
Wednesday I made four snowball blocks , didn't think he would think these to  girly.
I made two of the red and two of the Falcons, That's their only fabric if you want cotton, white with falcons flying.
They have a blue but it's flannel.
These bit and pieces I will hold on to , maybe I can find a use for them later.
My quilt wall!
I ordered two t-shirts, one for the middle of  Hagen's  quilt and the other one for the middle of Noah's.
They should be here by next week. I am making them to fit collage sizes beds. Or at least I am Hagen's,  I will talk to Tonia and see what size bed Noah has and if she wants me to make it to fit a collage bed.
I did nothing yesterday and since they dilated my eye this morning and he said it was still swollen I guess it will be tomorrow before I get to work on my quilts.
One of the nurses told me this morning that she had carried her t-shirts to a quilter she knew and was having a t-shirt quilt made. When I go back I need to carry some pictures of mine to show her.
They had ask me to bring some . I didn't have any on my camera that I carry around with me so I told them I would.
Have a good one

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Vintage Farm Quilt

Hi friends!
Isn't that cute?
I finally found a package of dark rickrack and it'd looks good as the cord. Not quit as good as the plug-in but I will leave it as it is.
I finished hand quilting this one!
I went around the black square on the outside and did each  u shape.
I think that enough and it's all I am putting in.
I have this one stretched so tight that the lines look bent!  Already Hand quilted the light fabric around the green square so  maybe my hand quilting want look so bad. I am going around each of the star points. We have to have these finished in two weeks but all I like are the star points. All eight of them!
Q-Bees are making a quilt , we hoped to get it into the quilt show this year but since it's in a little over two weeks we want be able to make it. We still need to sew all the blocks together and some one will have to do the binding.
I'm not great at binding , sewed to many hems in my earlier years so I just hem them but Sis and Vickie are really good at that.
 Have a good one

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hagen's Quilt

Hi Friends!
This is the new block for Hagen's quilt.
"Welcome block" from  my farm vintage book and I think it falls into the same area as "not girly"
The Falcon's fabric is so bland  and the braves and Ga. fabric is colorful so I haven't used it yet. But I will, just getting started!
This is how our back yard looked last night!
We never did see any fire and Tommy walked around and checked each neighbor's house, nothing!
I have been hand quilting my two blocks for our quilt that we are making at Q-Bees.
Finished this one last night.
Have a good one

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hagen's Quilt And Barn

Hi friends!
This is a Ga. block.
All Ga. fabric.
This one is Atlanta braves!  Hagen loves all sports so next will be a basketball one. He plays them all
I also made a barn for my farm girl quilt, another barn that is, I had already made one. I made a few of these earlier for Abby's and Ryan's quilt. See!
I like the barns that  have a small block in the sides.
I also made two more trees for my quilt and Dawn HERE    made one with small green squares that I am going to try.
Mine will have lots of trees when I am finished. I ordered some grass green fabric for the sashing since I can keep on sewing, only lose one day, I will have more time to finish our quilt. Green should make it look more spring like. I hope! Will know when the green gets here.

Friday, February 17, 2017

New Fabric

Hi friends!
Sis gave me a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas and I just got around to using it. I printed a coupon off but all the fabric was on sale. So I couldn't use the coupon.
I got three yards of every thing but the owls.
Went and had my eyes measured for my surgery and went by there to. I asked him how long should I stay away from sewing on my machine? He said at least the day of my surgery , other than that I can sew all I want to.
I have been worrying needlessly!
The two fabric's that I got three yards of was 50% off.
I looked for rickrack but couldn't find any there either.
So I guess I need to go through my craft supplies , I know I have some  just don't remember what color.
I was so glad he said I could sew after the day of the surgery! Just not to pick up any thing heavy and not to bend over much.
I think I can do that!

Friday Finish

Hi friends!
Make me a pillow!
I bought a 18 by 18 pillow form before I measured the pillows I am making on my other blog. ASIMPLYGREAT    Finally decided to go with this fabric for spring. and use it myself.
Just a simple envelope closure for the back.
I made the crops block  and started cutting two more trees.
 Thinking about doing the barn block to go with all the rest. Maybe I can get enough to have her together and ready to quilt next week. I can bind after the surgery because I think you just can't sew on a machine. All that lint flying around could get in your eye and cause infection, I sure don't want that. But I am going to ask to  make sure.
Wish me luck.
It may be all sewing!
If so my house may get cleaner than it's been in a while!
Hopefully I can read.
When Julie husband had his  second one done he could get on the computer. So maybe I can get on there.
I have some glasses that were made 20 years ago when I didn't need any thing on the top that I may be able to use reading.
I used them a few months ago when my Linz popped out and I had to have some to take them in and have them fixed.
I guess I will find all this out.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blocks and Steve Berry

Hi friends!
My sheep! Just like his legs. I looked for black rickrack at Walmart.  There  wasn't any, no dark blue..... nothing dark at all. Guess I will use some dark threads.

The "Old  Glory Block"
Cutting down on the blocks that I need to finish. I am enjoying this so much I just may make another after the surgery's are over with.
First sign of spring!
Of course snow could cover these up anytime when you live in N. west Ga.
Have you read this? It was published in 2015 but the story line is the same thing that was on the news night before last. Where they announced the N. Korea   leader had his brother killed.
I wonder if he read this book and it gave him ideas?
Have a good one

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hagen's Quilt

Hi friends!
You know how quilters start another quilt while still working on one! Well this is it! My next quilt!
 I wanted to put a t-shirt front in the middle saying Super Bowl Winners but that was not to be.
So this is the first block for his quilt. He's birthday is the last of May and I should be finished with it before then. Because I want to finish Noah's by Sept. for his birthday.
I looked and looked for a block that was manly or not to much girly! I found this one in my Lori Holt farm girl vintage book.
It's the spring star block.
This is the second block.
I am using foot ball and baseball fabrics.
I will find a t-shirt to put into the center later when I get a few more blocks made.
Have a good one

House Block

Hi friends!
This is the "Out To Pasture" block.
Last night after running around most of the day I found the house block and I just chanced to look up to see that same house hanging on my quilting wall!
I won it years ago from some quilting  site .

I forgot who made this but it's been hanging there for two are three years. Love all the great fabric's used in this block, she sure had a better stash than I do! The windows are awesome. The house looks like rock and the roof is very life like.
Almost like looking in some one's windows.
I am seriously thinking of just using this instead of making one. I don't have any of those fabric's, plus it's beautiful!
I laid it out again last night.
I think I had to have 6 more blocks. I put the green I had under a few blocks but not liking that shade of green. and I don't have time to order it if I plan on finishing before the 23th.
So I got some red out!
I like this better but I love bright colors! I have put a bunch of red or near red into the blocks.
Maybe a thin strip between each block?
Have a great day

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Hi friends!
Yesterday was the day for me to go see Dr. Arkin. My surgeon for my eye surgery. He's the same one that did Tommy's.
Afterward we did our Valentines dinner out, One of my favorites ,Longhorn. Love how they do a Flo's filet!
Even with my eyes so dilated that I couldn't see anything I could see that steak. It's dim in there so I could take off those ugly sun glasses.
So of course I didn't get much sewed!
Had to sew a little because I may not be able to after the surgery.
 Last nigh I did get two pot holders finished. Super thick!
I haven't posted this block it's a hay stack block.
I want to get this quilt together and maybe finished by the day of surgery!