Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last Fruday

Hi friends!
 Last Friday we went out to Gainesville ,normally a 2 1/2 hour drive but the traffic was so bad it took over 3 hours to get there.
This is my Tatum, our graduate!
They had a party for her for graduation and our family and Amy's were there. Along with Tatum's drama friends.
They had this set up and a covered table so we weren't out in the sun , we were blessed with 80s but when Michael graduated it was in the 90s.
Later we went to see her graduate.
Her mother, out daughter in law, Amy is a assist. principal so she got to hand her diploma to her.
She will attend Oklahoma in the fall in their Drama Dept.
They were tickled to get her. Really gave her as much as they could just to get my talented grand daughter.
She has been in plays for years and produced and directed many in the last two years.
She is the sweetest and she is my grand baby. I kept her and her Sister Addie as much as I could before they moved out there.
I will be very worried when the weather gets bad in Oklahoma. Sat. when we got home my battening had gotten here and a package from Fabric please. I had won the every Tuesday giveaway on Happy Quilting a blog by Mellissa Corry  HERE
Beautiful layer cake.
Have a good one

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Hi friends!
Sis and I got up yesterday and went to Fort Payne, It's just across the mountain but a hour behind us.
Hammers was having a sale on their fabric. 2.99 and 3.99 , the muslin was two dollars a yard!
Makes it worth getting up for.
On the way over their we said if it's not a good sale we are not going back. We are going back!!!!
They just have them on Holidays, and the next one is Labor Day.
Last night we had a cook out at my brother's.
Brother has a large back porch and he puts up tables and we all have a good time eating and talking.
Clint's woman got called to the hospital Sunday for a transplant but it didn't match and they were to tired to come.
 But our family and Margret's family was all there.
Anna and Noah was in the pool and their puppy was wanting in there so bad.
Later when he got the chance to get that ball he put on a show trying to get it in his mouth.
We had a great time but to much salt has me feeling like a whale today, back to eating better!
Have a good one

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Hi friends!
The girl on the left is my Tatum. She gradates this year and will attend Oklahoma state in their drama department in the fall.
Every since they moved out their when she was 5 or 6 she has been in plays put on by North Hall schools I think. At first they were on a collage campus but now they are on the campus of north Hall.
Hubby got around to installing our other air condition yesterday.
It's been hot but he has ben busy outside so didn't have time to install this. So at night he ran ceiling fans and that mess's with my eyes!
So I an glad he got this put in.
The last few days it's been to cool to use it.
We went to town yesterday and I got nothing done after ward , no sewing.
 But I need help on some thing.
This is the blocks that I brought home from Q-Bees. Sixteen of them and I need to make a quilt out of them.
As you can see it would be a small quilt ! How can I make it bigger?  I know I can use a border but only have two yards of the yellow for joining. Need to still use small strips to join them together? I went to Walmart where the yellow was bought and they didn't have any thing to match.
Two of the girls that attended last time is working on their two each and are suppose to bring them to me but I have heard nothing from them. If I don't hear by Monday I am thinking of calling one but I don't have the number for the other.
We wanted to finish it and Sale chances to raise money for the fire dept. in Menlo where we have our meetings.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Noah's Quilt

Hi friends!
Put a small red border all around.
I added the blue because I was about to run out of red.

It's finished on this side but not on the other.
Bad storms here this morning with maybe tornados above us. That was a surprise because nothing was said about bad weather last night.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Things here

Hi friends!
 Working some of that fabric into this quilt.
Added another row on the bottom.
I'm running low on red so a small border all around. Now for the side borders!
I got this in the mail yesterday.
Won it on Mrs h, I know you have seen her blog. HERE She lives in the Uk and makes the most amazing bags. Isn't that neat?
When it quit raining yesterday Tommy got out there and cut up that branch off the tree and loaded it up and took it to the woods. I helped him load ! Not good with a chain saw!
He hates to cut the tree down because his father planted it when his father  was just a boy. At least 8o something years old. Plus being so close to the house he would have to get a tree cutting service out to do it.
Have a good one

Monday, May 22, 2017

My weekend!

Hi friends!
This was how I left you on Friday!
I did add a strip of black on the top and the bottom. Just realized that that blue I bought just for this quilt is no where in it!
I got that just for this quilt! I will try to work small pieces into it !
We went to graduation and it was wonderful that my grand got his diploma 7 th in line because that heat just about got me.
He was 7 th in  the honor roll.
So proud of my handsome grand son. He wants to be a engineer.
We had storms Sat. night and this came down in the front yard.
I worry about that old tree in the front yard. If it fell it would most likely hit the sunroom.
See that's our sunroom in the background.
Just lucky it didn't takes our power lines with it.
Hope your week end was better

Friday, May 19, 2017

Noah's Quilt

Hi friends!
One more round of red!
I know it looks pink but trust me it's red!
Going to add a row of stars onto the bottom.
Noah is out foot ball star!
Hagen plays three different sport and is good in all of them but Noah prefers foot ball and he is really good at it. With this row of stars it should be about right.
It just likes 5 inch's being the right length but he's tall so I am going to add some more on. Maybe a row of stars on to the top to!

We have one graduating Tonight but I should  have time to add these this weekend some time.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Garden's in!

Hi friends!
Yesterday I made my Tatum a brush roll up for her make-up.
This is the outside , some of that beautiful Henry Glass fabric that I won.
This is the inside! wrapped up with pretty ribbon!
I had already made her sister Addie one in pink!
Tommy finished the garden late yesterday!
So now he will go back to cutting grass!
The yellow finch's have found their sock! Sometimes there will be five or six hanging on eating.
My Jacob's ladder is blooming. That drought got all my hosta and a few of my bush's. I'm just waiting to see if they grow back or should we cut them down. It killed my tulip tree, I know.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Borders are on!

Hi friends!
Yesterday I added the side borders on the vintage farm quilt. Then I put a small border on the bottom. It's already a long queen size.
Plus after I looked I didn't have as much green as I thought I had.
So now it's ready to sandwich!
I have the backing and the battening so I need to do that so I can quilt it.
I made another one of these, When my daughter came down I gave her four , one for her and one for each of her three older daughters.
I guess I need to make one for Alisha to but she is still in school.
The tomato's are in the ground!
That's the last of the planting! Today he is out their putting tomato baskets on them. He makes his out of chicken wire and holds them in with  medal fence poles.
He puts that cover that keeps weeds from growing through it, Ha It does it any way.
Then he adds bark mulch over that . Lots of hard work!
He should get finished today and he plans to spend the next two days cutting the grass.
After sitting all winter it's really wearing him out.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Farm Girl Quilt

Hi friends!
I pinned on another row of blocks on the bottom of my vintage farm quilt.
Now I only need a border, but I can't find anything I want to put on it.
I have plenty of the green left so thinking of just using it . It's hard to find some thing that can stand up to all these  colorful blocks.
I dumped some more fabric in my quest to clean up my book cases and pilled up smaller pieces to be cut up. I cut them tumbler sized and three inch squares and two inch squares.
I won a 100 block magazines from Belinda  from  blue ribbins designs. A great magazine of different block made by the experts. I always enjoy this magazine.
Have a good one

Monday, May 15, 2017

Noah"s quilt

Hi friends!
Worked on Noah's quilt Sat.
I want to play up the t-shirt block in the middle.
This is the only cotton fabric that is available for their foot ball team.
With the falcons flying around.

It's growing at a good speed.
That's all I got done Sat. I plan on making some blocks for the top and bottom.
More on that later.
Had a great Mother's Day, Tommy took me to Longhorn and my daughter came by last night to visit a while on her way to work.
She works night's now.
She brought me a plant and a gift card to McKays, the book store I love. I didn't know they even made gift cards for them.
She had read about my trip a few days ago to McKays on my blog.
She's a sweetie!
Son called to tell me Happy Mother's Day and they will be up this coming week end to see Mark graduate.
Can't wait to see them.