Friday, June 30, 2017

Nearly A Flimsy

Hi friends!
I counted yesterday and I needed three more !
So I spent yesterday making those.
Then last night I sewed a few into rows.
Five rows, surly I can get those sewed together some time today.
It measures 35 by 44 I think, wish I could figure out how much it will shrink!
Can't sandwich it any way until I get some flannel  bought and washed .
Sis researched wheelchair quilts and it said flannel would keep them from falling off their lap.
I learned quilting from Jenny Doan but she took classes years ago and Jenny  said press to the dark side  but in Sis's classes they taught her to press open her seams and since We are going to hand quilt these we are suppose to iron them open.
Teaching an old horse new tricks is hard!
So much more time consuming!!!
But if I am going to hand quilt I need all the help I can get!
May take me until Christmas next year to finish, haha
Have a good weekend

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Q-Bees Quilt

Hi friends!
One row sewed together , measures 35 inch's.
I will need a little border.
Looks pretty good hanging up their doesn't it?
I should get it together some time today.
There is so much green in it I think orange would look great , or even yellow.
I love making these little x's and o's, they make a real cute quilt.
They were forecasting rain today so Tommy was out there most of yesterday working in the garden. I miracle-gro the tomato's and he sprinkled fertilizer in the rows and plowed it under.
All we have had so far is sprinkles and lots of sun shine and some clouds.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Q-Bee Quilt

Hi friends!
I am making this from a layer cake I won this year !
I measured and five down will be about right for this quilt.  It says 36 by 45 for a wheelchair quilt.
I didn't wash the fabric because it was a layer cake! so their may be some shrinkage so I don't know weather to make it a little bigger or not.I may add a small border when I get it together , right now I need to finish making some blocks.
Have a good one


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Q-Bees Quilt

Hi friends!
Yesterday I started my nursing home quilt that we are making in out quilt club.
I though x's and o's or hugs and kiss's would be a great fit.
These are just four pieces stuck up there.
Four of these across is 36 inch's , may not be sewed together but that's the size they said these must be.
They want them 45 in length so maybe five rows? I will have to measure 5 and see.
My first one sewed together.
I love these blocks ! This is the second quilt that I will use them in. Made a good friend one!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week End

Hi friends!
Started Wayne's quilt!
Square in a square, 14 1/2 inch's big.
Need a good many to make a queen size .
I though I would put some bright colors into it.

I want to order a panel for the middle but he is into games and I  don't know what games .Was going to order one for him and one for Addie with animals on it.  She is working for as vet. this summer and want to be a vet when she goes to collage.
Sis came over and brought some books late yesterday.
I started this about 6 and finished at 12.
Tommy got hooked on a movie about storm surge flooding London that didn't end until 12:30.
Very good book!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Reading Day

Hi friends!
This is from Wednesday because it rained all day yesterday.
The big ditch in front of our house. Tommy weed eater it on that day and plowed the garden to.
We just enjoyed the rain yesterday. I started a book but it had to much debris in it to get to the story so I changed to a  Regency Romance. I usually save those for the thread mill but I needed a slow book that was easy reading.
I would guess it was kind of depressing but that was just the mood we were in.
Do you every start a book and it's hard to find the story because of all the words?
I have read all my life and every once in a while I run into one.
You learn to just pick the parts that are about the story and then some times you throw it away.
I have seen some that I couldn't stand to read another minute! They would bore you to death!
I've sewed all my life to but just started quilting when I turned 70.
Right now I need to be in there sewing. About to start Wayne's quilt and Addie's quilt. I have plenty of fabric for Wayne's so today I will look on pinterest for a block that I love.
I have pinned square in a square  quilt and i'm thinking of doing Wayne's quilt like that.
So I will look for a new block to do Addies in.
Some I haven't done before!
Wish me luck
Have a great weekend

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here Today

Hi friends!
I didn't think I had any light pink fabric for Addie's quilt in my stash but I did.
Even a small pieces of light pink and black. But I will have to order some more  black.
I have a small piece left from other quilts I have made. Now just to find a pattern, She didn't have any thing in mind.
Tommy took this picture for me , he said it was red but it came out lighter.
This was night before last. Sign of storms to come?
It is a  steady rain and has  been for 5 hours that I know. The kind that sinks in and it's what we need.
He work the garden out Monday and again yesterday.
Pretty soon it will all be to big for him to work around it. I have miracle gro the tomato for the second time this year. He replanted squash and yesterday it was coming up good.
This is the first time in 17 years that our squash wouldn't come up!
He also spread fertilizer around the corn and plowed it in.
I did just a little sewing.
Have a good one

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Vintage Quilt

Hi friends!
I though I would sandwich my vintage farm quilt and I read that the sheet sizes on the sheet would work but low and behold it didn't. So I will have to take it back off and buy another one.
It went together so good to!
Oh well I will put it up until next week when I can buy a sheet.
Talked to Addie Lou yesterday and she wants a light  pink and black quilt!
So I will see what I can find for her quilt.
She and Wayne are my next Grand's that gets a quilt.
I have the fabric for Wayne's and his birthday is in July so I will start on his while I round up some pale pink for my Addie Lou.
All the rest of my grand's are older than 18 but I plan to make all the way to the top.
22 quilts!
I have done it once and hope to do it again.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Noah's Quilt

Hi friends!
Gave Noah his quilt Sunday!
He though it was little and he is tall!

It's plenty tall enough. He liked it!
Now for a picture of him with out a quilt in his face.
He and Hagen are really into sports so I used the same t-shirt for the center of their quilts.
He plays foot ball and baseball but loves foot ball.
For years he wasn't into the Falcons but now he is.

Monday, June 19, 2017

G-G Sable

Hi friends!
This is our newest great grand!
We had never meet her , just seen her on face-book.
Yesterday all Tommy's girls came for a dinner and to see their daddy.
Missy was keeping Sable so she brought her and we played pass the baby all afternoon.
Missy is her grand mother.
Tommy was tickled to see all four of his girls.
Kim holding her.
Her grand-paw Ed holding her.
This is what porch's were made for.
Allie holding her!
Abby held her.

Her uncle Richard holding her.
I held her and Tonia did and Bobby did but I didn't get pictures of that.
She may be  one sore baby today.
You could say something to her and she would just smile.
A pretty little sweetie.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Garden

Hi friends!
We have a tomato!

Our squash didn't come up, well one plant did but Hubby replanted last week so it should be up soon.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Our Day

Hi friends!
About 3 o'clock he sat down and went to sleep, Grand-paw picked him up and put him on the couch and covered him up.
He sleep for nearly three hours .
Needless to say I didn't get any sewing done yesterday.
He is a sweet boy, Tommy showed him my vibrating foot cushion and he loved it.
It tickled his funny bone!
Top of the hill between our house and town. Way over there is Taylors ridge.
We live in beautiful hills and mountains.
We went to Cooks today and bought a bunch more veggies'.
They plant very early and had tomato's the last of May, wish I had known about it earlier. They start them in their basement and buildings and barns all over the farm
But they were covered up with customers this morning.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Company

Hi friends!
Our company today, This is Luke!
He loves yogurt!sweet handsome little man.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Finish

Hi friends!
Finished Noah's quilt. It's in the washer with color catcher's right now!
Lots of red and Black!
The middle:
His Falcons went to the super bowl. At the bottom:
Stars across the bottom, because all my grand's are my stars
I will give it to him Sunday!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Noah's Quilt

Hi friends!
Got the binding on Noah's quilt .
Now its on the couch waiting for me to have time to sew it down.
I did a little last night while watching the news.
Here is where Tommy is!
He does his garden just like his daddy used to do his, he hoed down the rows and then he sits and pulls all the weeds.
That gives the plants a while to grow with out weeds sucking up all the water.
My knees and back want let me to that!
I bend over a while and pulled weeds yesterday morning and am paying for it today.
Having a good day here on the farm!