Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Reunion 2014

Hi friends!
Cloudy day!
We had a great family reunion yesterday.
On the right is my 88 year old aunt that two years ago was battling cancer, in the middle is my aunt that yeas ago had a brain aneurysm.  My aunt  on the right came all the way from Montgomery Ala. about a 5 hour ride yesterday morning. My other aunt drove from her home in Rome about 40 minutes from us.  The other is my cousin from Atlanta.
The white haired one is my aunt that had cancer about 20 something years ago.  The other lady is my cousin from near Atlanta.
We had a pretty good crowd with the weather being like it was.
It rained all  the time we were there.  We were  planning on having it at Sloppy Floyd Park but for two years in a row it has rained so much that we had to get the fellowship hall at the church.
It was a great get together  and I enjoyed seeing my family from parts all over the south.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy


Chatty Crone said...

It is great to see all the white hairs and hear their success stories. It looks like good health runs in your family!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

How lovely to have an annual get together! May you all keep good health for many years to come :) said...

Oh how fun to see family. I haven't seen my extended family since my grandmother's 80th birthday right before I moved to Michigan.

Jen said...

A family reunion is very special . I wish health and happiness for you and all your family for many more reunions to come.

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Wonderful to have a family reunion Babs.Hope you have another one soon,very lucky to still have some of the older generation around.
Hope you are well my friend ,I seem to have lost the blogging bug. But I still read yours every day,keep it