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Book Review/ "Under a Silent Moon" by Elizabeth Haynes

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A  book  review! Hardback : 359 pages Publisher: Harper  Collins
"Under A Silent Moon"
By Elizabeth Haynes
Two women share a grisly fate in the first entry of this exciting new British crime series. A blend of literary suspense and a thriller. Introduces  Detective Chief Louisa Smith. When i read this i thought oh goodies a British police novel! I am a big fan of Peter Robersons,DCI Banks series.
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In the crisp early hours of a Autumn morning the police are called to investigate two deaths The first is a beautiful woman found dead , her cottage drenched with blood. The second is a car with a women's body inside at the bottom of a pit.

DCI Louisa Smith and her team start working the case and find that the two are connected..
I loved this book even through it was not a bit like Banks!
I didn't know that the British Police had Analyst to help with the investigation. This book doesn't follow the regular line that most do. It follows 4  people, two police officers , Louisa Smith and Andy Hamilton, Her chief officer plus two daughters , Flora Maitland and Taryn Lewis  of the family's of the two victims.
It uses a different way of posting time lines so that the detectives can just read the evidence.
 Being on the week end a lot of evidence has to wait until Monday. It gets very [sit on the edge of your seat ] Intense toward the last ! I had never read one that goes into detail of the morning briefing that  the police have to get the latest evidence. I had problems following all the different people until i went back to the first and read all the names and who they were.
Their is so many different stories all going at once.
I love the way it was written and the people  and situations were so real.
It covers wild sex down to family spats with equal skill. I liked it so much i bought a short story by her last night.
Elizabeht Haynes Is a police Analyst, a civilian role that involves determining patterns in offending and criminal behavior. She is the author of three previous novels " Human Remains" , " Dark Tide' and 'Into the Darkest Corner", which was selected as Amazon U.K. best book of 2011.
She lives in a village near Maidstone , Kent, with her husband and son.
Have you read any books by her?

Note- i received a copy of this book as part of the TLC book tours in exchange for a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I love those types of mysteries too! I blame my friend from high school who got me hooked on Agatha Christie.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you loved this book! "It covers wild sex down to family spats with equal skill." And that is certainly a wide variety of topic in one story!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.