Thursday, September 17, 2015

Danette's Quilt

Hi friends!
Cut out my borders yesterday.
My backing  for it was cut in 6 peices because of the amount i had left of it but that will work.
I am going to add it with the beige because i'm not going to have enough brown to do it even after buying another more  2 yards.
Some patterns just eat up fabric. The more cutting the more fabric you need. She bought lots and I  have some beige , yellow and red left. She didn't want a whole lot of those colors in it.
The borders , just 4 inches  for each side.
That should make it wide enough, it measures 90 in length. Maybe i can get the binding sewed on today and get started hemming tonight. She wanted it today but maybe Sat. will work just as good.
Tommy had been worried about his week eating so yesterday he got out there and did some of it . He stopped when he got tired. You have to stay on him and he will get keep going. He thinks he should have all his strength back when it's just been 6 weeks since he had surgery.
You know the Dr. said no cancer well the lab results said it was but all they are going to do is watch it with cat scans every 6 months and make sure it doesn't grow back.
I just thank the good Lord that those Alive made him bleed so we found this before it could spread.
His grandfather died of it and his father had surgery at age 8o something and never recovered from it He lived a few more years but his mind was never the same after that.
Have a great day friends
Quilt Happy


lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Good to see Tommy out and doing what he loves Bab.Quilts coming along .xx

Julierose said...

Your quilt is coming along so well; and great to see your hubby out doing stuff...hugs, Julierose

andsewon said...

You are the busy lil quilt maker!Glad to see Tommy out and doing what he enjoys! Yes they do labs and biopsies for a reason! Happy it is out and they ca keep check on it.

Chatty Crone said...

I think you will get the quilt done knowing you. And what kind of cancer was it -stomach - pray he will be okay! You too. said...

Men can't live with them and can't kill em. LOL Glad he is feeling better, but he still needs to take it slow. Your body taking a long time to recover is a good thing. It means that it is working great and efficiently and healing right. love the borders on your quilt.