Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Family Reunion 2018

Hi friends!
Yesterday we had our yearly family reunion. From the right Inman, Tommy ,Missy, Standing Roxie Kim, Bobby @ Eddie[Standing] and Roger and Beulah on the left.
We are all getting old so just hoping we can keep doing this for a few more years.
Tommy's sister and her hubby.The only kids of ours that came was Kim, Missy and Bobby.
Our out of town company was cousin Roxie , her hubby Inman and her brother Eddie who drove all the way from  Texas.
We had a great time.
We were so glad to see Eddie ! We almost lost him to cancer last year.
A tad of Eddie on the left, Roger , then Roxie with Beulah on the right.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness you had a wonderful reunion there - pretty big too. I loved it. Wish I could get some people up for a reunion. I love the cross on your wall in the first photo.

I wondered where you were!

Love, sandie

Julierose said...

Wonderful that you could all get together--hugs, Julierose