Thursday, December 6, 2018


Hi friends!
The winner of the fat quarter bundle was Shirley C. She answered the email and I am mailing it out today.
Got a big stack of my petal blocks all quilted and ready to join but need a few more.
My oldest son's Christmas tree in my sewing room.
Haven't done any more decorating but Maybe today?
Yesterday it was 39 but I went and walked two laps , my face nearly froze off. Suppose to be a few degrees warmer today so maybe a few more. Suppose to rain all weekend!
So I have to get it in when I can.
Makes you feel so much better!


Julierose said...

I agree--walking lets you sleep better too, I find.

Glad you have your petal blocks ready to be sewn together...

It is very cold here too--I've been walking inside on our treadmill...
I do miss being out and about though...
Hugs, Julierose

Angie said...

Your tree is beautiful! I decorated with a nativity set and a couple hanging ornaments. It is neat to decorate! Your petal blocks are so pretty! Enjoy your day! Keep walking, it's great! :-) :-) said...

You were 39. I don't think we got above 35 all day and it was windy on top of it. Congratulations to your winner.

ShirleyC said...

Thanks again!
It's hard to walk with it that cold. We've had so much rain it's coming in the sun room. Ugh! It never has before. I hope my son can check on it in the morning.