Friday, June 1, 2012

this and that

hi friends    how are all of you doing today? i have dizzy spells every time i stand up.  hubby had it last week and he must have shared.  i took something hoping to get better before time for jessie to graduate.
got a call from son's wife and they will be here in a couple of hours.  we may go with them .
i am on my 21th granny square. witch is pretty good for a week, but i need to get them all done so i can fix any thing i see wrong before i put on the next weekend. And that is a lot of sewing.

 my rose of Sharon's are blooming. i always heard them called holly hock's , my mother called them that . but when you look them up they are rose of Sharon. years ago i told my sister that i wonted a rose of Sharon and she ordered some and gave me two. and they are just like the one i moved from my old house.
well see you tomorrow and hope i feel better.      quilt happy


Jan Maree said...

Good luck with all that sewing hope you feel better soon

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

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