Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I got some orange  for the owl's feet and beak, so maybe i will get  started.
My baby got sick when he went out to pick beans at about 1 o'clock today . It was 90 degrees !! A couple of years ago he got sick out in the heat and may have had a heat stroke, it made him really sick at his tummy and he nearly passed out, every sense then when he gets to hot he get sick again.
 I put up seven more quarts and not quilts today, sorry about  that but have quilts on the brain. Not as much beans were ready to be picked as Monday, maybe because i miracle gro'd it Fridays evening.
I try to miracle gro every 2 weeks.  We got one big basket not one and a half  like we did on Monday. so only 7 quarts today.
I did carry some to brother out of Mondays pick  Tomorrow i am getting my hair cut so i will carry some squash over to my hairdresser.  I need to get busy on my owl, got that pattern in a giveaway a few weeks ago  from quilt doodle  designs. and have wanted to make something out of it ever sense
Well good sewing      quilt happy


Miss Holly said...

So glad she loved the quilt!! I can't believe your garden! It is fantastic...all your!! I love to can...I usually do dill pickles about 14 quarts! are way ahead of us here in the garden..just getting the first beans....well...can't wait to see what you do with the owl!!!

Jan Maree said...

hope hubby is oky - cute owl!