Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shania's quilt

Hi friends!
Making letter's for Shania's quilt.

Hoping to finish the letters today so i can add the rest and get it ready to sandwich..
Her shower is Oct.10th but i don't like much , just this quilt and maybe a diaper changing pad.
I am going to look for some plastic backed fabric for the back of it.
I need to find some fall flowered fabric for my table runner.
I will  put it together today to, then it will have to wait until i go shopping.
Of course it's a while until thanksgiving but i wanted to use it next month for our family Reunion.
We went for our check up this morning. Dr. Bowers  was glad to see Tommy and hear all about the surgery.
We had our blood work and got our  Flu shots so we are ready for winter.
Then we went to Hardies for breakfast.
After eating we had to go to Rock Springs to get things for the tractor.
To keep it under warranty we have to buy filters and thing from them.
My sewing machines are nothing compared to the tractor  and loan mower when i comes to taking money!
Every year at this time we open our windows but not this year , these Chicken houses have put a stop to that.
I hate not being able to air out the house before winter.
I always deep clean the whole house when the temp.s start to cool .  I will start this week, when you get old you do one room at a time.
Have a good one.
Quilt Happy


Ioleen said...

Her quilt is looking good. Sorry about the chickens.

Podunk Pretties said...

Eww! Chickens can get smelling large quantities. Our 4 chickens were pretty "ripe" when it was humid. Your applique on both quilts is coming along nicely. I love how you've made the letters. said...

Your quilt is looking gorgeous, and so is your turkey. i am lucky our chickens are not that smelly, but in that number I am sure they are terrible.

Jen said...

Hello Barbara, Lots of projects happening you are always busy. Love Shania's quilt and the applique is looking lovely. hope you get some nice weather before Winter hits.