Thursday, May 12, 2016

Still Looking

Hi friends!
This is the walking foot from my other Brother, the one i bought for me at Christmas. but the needle hole doesn't match up.
I spent another day looking!
I also tried the one i got for my Janome.
This is with the foot down!
Not going to work like that!
I remember thinking when i moved my sewing room into the bedroom ,that i hadn't seen that baggie.
So yesterday i went through a large tote, found some clamps i had forgotten i had bought! But so far no baggie. I think i must have just put every thing into a bag before Christmas or Thanksgiving and that went into one of the totes.
So i will keep looking.
Not much sewing going on but a lot of cleaning!!!!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Julierose said...

Hey Barb--I have a walking foot that went to my White machine which is no longer with me--would you like to try it out? Let me know
It's a generic one.... hugs and good hunting Julierose said...

Don't you hate that they all seem to be different too? Good luck with your search.

Chatty Crone said...

Your foot took a walk!

Rosa said...

Good luck and hope you find a food.

maureenlthompson said...

That's too bad. I blogged about walking feet once because when I was looking for one for one of my sewing machines I realised there were hundreds of the blighters! Hope you find the missing one.

margaret said...

fingers crossed you find it if like me you spend hours searching for mislaid things and then suddenly they are staring you in the face all the time

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I lost of presser foot like that one time. It finally turned up...I won't discourage you. I moved my sewing room several times to accomodate my daughter moving in and out. Never doing it again....ever. Unless we go live in an RV...then I'll move it just once more.
xx, Carol