Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jarrod's and Allie's Quilt

Hi friends!
Sunday I was sick but I made myself iron this quilt.
Seemed like it made me feel better.
I sent a message to Quilted Twins and asked if they had a turquoise bundle. They said yes! This ten half yard bundle cost me 20$.
And no shipping because it's Christmas.
So I just need grey to have fabric to start Allie's quilt.
Already got Jarrod's fabric bought for his!
You know what they say "A Quilter already has planed her next five quilts before she finish's one"
All I will need is backing and battening. And some idea of how I want it  to look.
Pick one block and make lots of them!
I have cut some on Jarrod's but not much. So I know how his will look.
Feeling lots better today so maybe I will get lots done.


maureenlthompson said...

Hope you feel really better soon. XXXXX said...

Glad you are feeling better. That is a lot of turquoise. Sometimes it is a hard color to come by.

Chatty Crone said...

I can't remember if you read my last post - my favorite color is teal - you know that.

Julierose said...

Happy to hear you are feeling better; this bug is really a pain--seems like everyone is getting sick all over the place. ;((((
Lovely new fabrics...hugs, Julierose