Monday, November 23, 2020


Hi friends! 

Did a tiny bit of sewing but don't really like it, to busy! 

Not going to work!

Terrible! Well that was a wild hare of a idea!

Going to have to take all that apart and start over!

Stat safe




Julierose said...

Perhaps if you cut thinner 1.5" strips from top to bottom across the sewn seams; and surround Mr. Snow person log cabin style? [you know me, that busy, scrappy gal...]you may like it better? And maybe alternate with just a solid color...that would look cute...
I have been looking through my drawer of "fails" and nothing speaks to me today...I always end up cutting things up to use differently or in my junk journals--I sew on paper edges a lot too, one year I sewed bits like that to the right edge of my Christmas cards..ruffley like..I like to Use it up...
Hugs, from afar Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

I like your idea Julie. The strings would look cute cut into squares then maybe sewn with a solid to make hst.
Just play and see where it goes before you sew