Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Diamond Painting

Hi friends!

He sparkles so pretty but I have never seen a lavender dog before! I really though there would be more white! 

Spent yesterday going with hubby to Dr. and then going to pick up antibiotics. He was sick all weekend! He missed going to my daughter's Sat. night after cutting the grass Friday late so we could go. Tried to get him to go to urgent care but he refused. He doesn't like going to a Dr. that doesn't know his history.

The forth was spent just the two of us here!

Sat. night I left him at home and went to eat with my daughter and my grands! She gave me this:

I am working on it now! She had bought it off a bidding site for a dollar! Good price!

Have a good day!




Julierose said...

Really pretty diamond paintings, Barb. I just kitted up a sun/moon
small one...after Girl with Braids which was really a big one--took me almost 2 years...Hope your DH is feeling better hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

I really do love your diamond paintings. How wonderful your daughter got it for $1.
Hope your hubby gets better fast.
Glad you were able to go though.