Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Quilting and Weather

Hi friends!

Got a little done over the weekend!

Yesterday we spent  the afternoon in Rome , Hubby had a scan and then we visited his blood vein Dr.. Good news every thing was the same.
But we were wore out by the time we got back and went to the bank. Mostly the bank! I sat in there waiting to talk to some one for 20 minutes before I gave us and just did half of what I went in there to do!

Lots of people working but only one doing what I needed doing and she was  talking  to some woman for 20 minutes. May be she was buying the bank!!!

Ida is dumping on us and has been since yesterday before we went to the Dr. Then it's going to visit my friends Dawn and Julierose, hope it dries out some before it gets that !

Hoping it goes back out to sea before then for good!

We have gotten a years worth of rain!!!

Made a circle of stars around a bigger star! Now waiting for a big idea for the next step!!!!

Have a good one and watch out for "Ida"




sewyouquilt2 said...

Like your quilt so far. How much bigger does it need to be? Lig cabin or scrappy red white blue blocks made of strips and stuff then cut to size you need? Would frame the stars

Ida better hang her head and go home. She is not wanted lol

Julierose said...

Hoping that Ida doesn't deluge us...I like your quilt a lot...
I like Dawn's idea of framing the stars, too...hugs, Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

We got a lot of rain, but you sound like you got more. I love your quilt. You know I have had the same experience at the bank and other places - don't they look and see people waiting?