Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi friends!
It is so cold here!!!!
Got the battening to finish N.s quilt and some blue for my next one.
Now i have to get this house cleaned!!  By cleaned i mean wash all pictures and clean carpets, and every think in between
I hope it warms up some so i can get this quilt together and finished before Sunday.. We went to town at 3 o'clock and the temp was 38 degrees.   That,s winter not spring!!
I am so tired of this long winter.   So ready for some warm!!
Of course it will get way to hot in the summer.   It does that with global warming,  they say.
I think my bones have got to where they just don't like the cold at all. i would more to Fla. but i don't like hurricanes either.
We have bad enough storms here.
Hope every has a great sewing day.  Quilt happy


Needled Mom said...

I doubt there is any place that is perfect, but it is time for winter to pass.

Chatty Crone said...

At least all the rain is not snow! It is cold here too. sandie

Valspierssews said...

Nice when a quilt is close to finished. It is supposed to be cooling down here but it is still way too hot for me.

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Soon have that quilt finished Babs. Dont be too hard on yourself with the house cleaning,your family want to see you,not how your house looks.They have to take me how they find me here.
I always ways house is clean enough to healthy,and messy enough to be homely.
In my younger days I was an obsessive cleaner,glad to say I've grown out of that,I'd rather sit and sew.
Love Laura xx