Thursday, November 14, 2013

Miss Lola

keep miss Lola
Hi friends!
Beautiful but cold. It went down to 23 last night.
This is what i did yesterday, we had our baby for a few hours while her mama went to the Dr.
Tatum text me last night and said she wanted solid colors for the border so i ripped them off last night and am making black borders today.
 I think i will like it better when i get them on too.
We got up and both went to the Dr. this morning, hubby had run a fever last night and i got up feeling bad so we just both went in to see him.  He said we both have the same thing[ big surprise] we sleep in the same bed!!.

Can't afford to be sick for thanksgiving.
Got a lot of cleaning to do next week.
Have a great sewing day friends>
Quilt happy


andsewon said...

Sweet baby Lola! I can say she is named for me....hahaha! Wonder if she will have as many folks singing, whatever Lola wants Lola gets, at her as I have had for most of my life!
Sorry you all are sick! Yes we must get ready for Thanksgiving!!

Swedish Scrapper said...

Sweet sweet Lola! I love your latest quilt. Come to think of it, black will probably loo really nice as the sashing for it too. I don't know why, but I really got it in my head you were going to win Melody! Get better- rest now so you have it in you for Thanksgiving. xo