Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tatum's quilt

Hi friends! Another beautiful day God has given us.
My goal yesterday was to finish these 3 blocks for Tatum's quilt and here they are.
With borders it will be just right for Tatum's bed.  I redid the layout after i took this picture. 
I don't know whether i will add saching or just sew them together.    If i could find some black i would border it in that but it's hard to match on the Internet and Walmart doesn't have any more of what i had bought.
I will go up there tomorrow and check again , just in case
Yes folks i buy a lot of my fabric at Walmart, but i get a lot[ too much] on the Internet.
Some that i have bought at Hancocks has faded on quilt's i have made so i am careful what i buy from them.
that is where i got that red that faded!!
But a family member gave me the backing on Michael's quilt that is still fading on the white of his quilt.
I am going to wash it with color catchers again today for the 6ht time.
Got a busy day ahead.... sewing.[ Heaven ]  love it.
I used to make clothes but grew to hate that but really enjoy cutting fabric in little pieces and putting them back together.
Have a great sewing day, friends.
Quilt happy

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lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Looks brilliant,love the black and white.x