Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last day of the giveaway

Hi friends!
Dreary day here!
I added some' Camo' to this block.  Don't forget my giveaway, tomorrow is the last day!  Enter here
I may make another one with 'camo' today because it's going to take at least 4  to cover the top of the  bed.
I made these 3 yesterday!
Tommy and i are rubbing down today!  Don't know whether it's the whether it's the weather or just 'arthor' that has us hurting.  I got Tommy a neck heating pad , ordered it Sat. and it came yesterday, he likes it! 
He says when he has it on it stops the pain but when he takes it off it hurts again.  He has a habit of looking behind him when he cuts on the lawn mower and all  that leaf cutting may have brought it back.
That's the side of his neck that he had surgery on years ago.
My wrist has gave me fits the last few days and makes it hard to sew.
But today it just seems to be very sore so maybe it's  getting better.
Have a wonderful day friends
Quilt Quilt

2 comments: said...

Oh I like your blocks!

Rina Mason said...

Looks like your blocks are coming along just fine. Sorry to hear about the aches and pains but glad to hear the neck wrap thing is working. I hate it when the weather brings fronts in because the pressure changes can make life miserable. Hope both of you feel better soon.