Thursday, December 18, 2014

Caitlin and Travis Quilt.

Hi friends!
You know i told you i had lost some fabric when i cleaned up the dining room? well i found it!
It was suppose to go as a border on a quilt.  Oh well!!! I also found the star i was looking for  after i made some more.
That's is other quilt hanging out from under it.
You like this border?
I think they will.
It's a good size so when they get them a bigger bed it will still fit.
I was very careful to get the tractors going the right way.
Mail man just ran with my light bulbs so i am back in business.
It's hard to thread your neddle when you don't have good light.
I have always just threaded it and not used the auto threader. But i think i will have to figure it out.
I don't use my auto cutter either because it sounds like the whole insides is falling out.
I still love my brother!!!
Sewing machine that is
Thank to all my great friends yesterday for all the comforting messages.
Isn't it wonderful have so many like minded friends?
My sis just makes tops and sends them off to get them done, they come back ready to bind.
Most of the work is in sandwiching and quilting and binding.
I love to make blocks so that part is fun. No so much sandwiching.
When you have a day like i did quilting it's not any fun either.
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy

3 comments: said...

Awe sweetie there are just days that not a whole lot goes right, but you and I both know that sandwiching, and quilting your own quilt-- unless you have that big fancy computerized long arm is so much more work than writing that check. I know I feel so much more satisfaction knowing that I put so much into the quilt, other than just the time and money too.

Julierose said...

Oh glad you're back in business Barbara--love that tractor fabric--it's perfect! and I really like that Christmas holly and bows fabric a lot! I like the old fashioned fabric that looks like vintage wrapping papers--hard to find these days. hugs and have fun Julierose

Chatty Crone said...

You got your machine fixed - I love it.