Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Presents

Hi friends!
My sweet nephew made me and Sis each a quilt rack to hang on the wall.
Neat don't you think? If you would like one i am sure he would love to make you one. Don't know what he would charge!
That floor is what was under the carpet in the front bedroom that Tommy dumped soot on, like this much better!
Its very old!

Sis in law knows i love country cook books so she got me one for Christmas!
And these house shoes on my feet! I bought her a sweater and as soon as we got home Christmas Eve Night , she called saying she was wearing it to Church that night and all the next day!
Just glad it fit, so hard to size for some one else . Heck it's hard for me to fit me!!!
Sis got me some Chocolate and some clamps that ain't hard to open after it took her and Sharmah both to open one the other day.
But that a tale for another day.
Have a great one friends!
The sun is suppose to come out today, still waiting for it!
Quilt Happy

4 comments: said...

Cool rack. DH keeps bringing me quilt racks home. I like the floor it is pretty.

andsewon said...

That is a pretty floor...rug or linoleum?? I think some of the old linoleum's were very pretty! Sounds and looks like you had a lovely Christmas with family and received such nice gifts too! We had a heavy freeze/frost over night. Looks like winter wonderland out here in the country! Even on the trees and roofs like snow! Stay warm and Happy New Year!

Jean said...

Very nice quilt rack. He did a great job. Where will you hang it?

Needled Mom said...

You will be able to put that pretty quilt rack to good use. That is such a nice gift. Happy New Year!