Friday, December 4, 2015

Small Friday finish

Hi friends!
I straighten out my tension but for some reason it get's  very loud when i sew fast.. I may need to replace my face plate. I oiled and cleaned it good the other night. so it should be good to go.
I wanted to do some more quilting on the purple before i gave it to her but it was running fairly good last night and did just that . Not finished with it yet.
Brother and s-i-l gave me a gift card for my birthday so i got some more Christmas fabric. The red isn't Christmas fabric but i use a good bit of it so i got two yards of it.
The only Friday finish i have is this!
A small cushion to go on the couch.
I had some quilters cash from Missouri Star quilt co. so i ordered this layer cake, it will make a beautiful spring quilt.
It's bright spring all the way through , you know i love bright colors.
We have a new mail man , he comes by and leaves part of the mail and turns around and brings some more later.
I think it's funny but Hubby doesn't!
He has been doing this for weeks now but hopefully he will improve.
It was in the 30ths here last night but suppose to be 64 later to day, going to have to do some warming up if it gets that warm.
Got to work on my Christmas sewing tomorrow!
Have a great weekend .
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

I hope the machine gets working correctly. Love the pillow. And the 'cake' I didn't know they were called that.

andsewon said...

We have that same rural mail carrier!! DH is not happy about it either. Sometimes we get mail late at night too! We have had cool days too suppose to warm back up but bring more rain. I hope to settle in for some sewing this coming week. Been busy here with other things.
Lola said...

Gorgeous fabric. Love the layer cake! The bright spring colors are a promise.