Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This and That

Hi friends!
A sneak peek at some Christmas sewing.
A finish ,  Jess picked it up a few minutes ago. Hope Hannah loves it!
My redone wreath!
They were both in need of a face lift!
When we went to Rome I saw this on Broad St. near the Stitchery 'our only cloth shop', it's a decorated old time bicycle.
Neat isn't it?
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Sandra Walker said...

Love that bicycle! Good job on the wreath and the quilt!

Chatty Crone said...

My favorite is the top quilt!

Ioleen said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your quilts and wreath. Love the bike.

Needled Mom said...

Christmas sewing is always such fun. Love the decorated bicycle. said...

Your wreath is gorgeous. Love the decorated bicycle.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wreath looks great. Seems funny to be talking about Christmas when we have this awesome weather.