Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hi friend's!
Remember this from Last year? I put it on my quilting table that we set up so we can set about hald of our family.
This one is new.
Just half of it , the other half is taken up with sewing machine.
I got a scare Monday when I set up to quilt. My machine wouldn't come one!
I changed cords and it worked but I changed them back yesterday and it worked.
May have a loose wire.
I need that machine!
That's the one I quilt on!


Chatty Crone said...

You are getting ready for Christmas dinner! Very pretty.

Had maybe your machine is tired!

margaret said...

2 great Christmas runners trust machine is behaving now my bernina occassionally plays up with its pedal but so far it has not packed up completely

Lady of the Manor said...

Those runners are lovely and a great idea. Glad your machine is working again. I bet you almost had a panic attack! I got all of my pillowcases done for this nieces and nephews. 😊

Carol S. said...

Nothing scarier than having the sewing machine not work...glad it decided to turn on for you. Sweet table runners! said...

Cute table runners. I like the one with the snowmen.