Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Large Quilt

Hi friends!
 Another order from Jenny!
Already in use!
I loved the blue bundle so I bought it for me for Christmas.
Working on the large king!
Need to finish quilting it today so I will have time to bind. It's so large it will take a while.
I think we are just about finished buying for Christmas, at least I hope so. We have all the great grand's presents.
Not the adults yet but just having the g-g's bought is good.
Have a good one


Chatty Crone said...

So ow many gifts to you have to buy in all?

Rosa said...

I love to go shopping to buy gift.Your quilt will be gorgeous with that fabrics!

sewyouquilt2 said...

I think I am finished with the buying. now just to finish off those lap quilts. I may be up with Santa Christmas eve LOL

Ioleen said...

Christmas shopping is done here. We are leaving on Saturday for a cruise with our son and girlfriend. That's our present.

Hope you and Tommy enjoy the holidays and god bless. said...

I am done shopping. Now to finish my making and get it in the mail.

margaret said...

best of luck completing the quilt, so far nothing done for Christmas but only have my 2 daughters and granddaughter to buy for and they will want money

Lady of the Manor said...

Sounds like you're ahead of the game. I just recently got into my craft studio and have decided to make colorful pillowcases for the great nieces and nephews (there are 15!). Each will get 2 books, too, so these can be their "reading pillows." I'll be starting on the twin's baby quilts after Christmas,