Thursday, June 14, 2018


Hi Friends!
I have had these forever but just never use them but they sure beat being stick by a pin!
My tiger lilies are still going strong!
We went this morning and got some home grown tomato's at Cooks.
They are turning so maybe a tomato sandwich tomorrow!
My basket hanging on the back porch, Tommy added a rubber snake because a bird wanted to nest
in it.
He threaded it in there good.
It's the basket Chris and Amy got me for mother's day.
Got my DNA back that they gave me for mother's day to, yesterday and I am 70% British!
How could that be? Called Chris and he wasn't that much but he said after your grandparents you had to pay more to go further
Not going to happen! .
Hugs sweet friends


barbara woods said...

Hi friends

Julierose said...

Hah I got my DNA a qhile back back and it turns out I am British too about-- 75% and the rest varied...maybe that's why I like milk in my tea? and British murder mysteries? Hope your finger is feeling better each day...hugs, Julierose P.S. Pretty basket...I need to get some geraniums for my front entrance...and 2 pots to hold them...maybe tomorrow...

sewyouquilt2 said...

If I were a bird I would not go near those plants lol

Chatty Crone said...

I thought you grew tomatoes.

Were those clips on your quilt?

That is how those genealogy sites make money - they want more more for more answers.

Shysters. said...

I love those clips. I only use about 5-10 at a time, and just move them along as I sew my binding. I just read an article about the DNA tests someone sent in a sample for them and their dog. The dog came back with 20% indigenous (Native) from Canada.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I haven't used my clips either. I guess old habits die hard. Tiger Lily and other bell shaped flowers are my favorites. If I lived in Hawaii I would surround myself with Bird of Paradise.

I never had a desire to do the DNA test. I'm 66 and met both sets of my grandparents that were Polish and spoke the language fluently. I'm pretty sure my DNA would indicate a high percent of whatever it would for Polish.
xx, Carol