Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One day!!!

Hi friends!
Beautiful day! 65 degrees!
I made these last weekend. We went to Rome yesterday and had my mammogram and to  eat out for valentines.
We went to Applebees which we go to a lot because it was a great place to eat.
Not any more . I don't know whether it's under new management or what but the place was not the same.
The music was way to loud , you had to read lips to talk.
The people in the booth behind us had been waiting 45 minutes of their lunch hour for theirs and didn't get it all before they left, taking it with them.
Tommy was ready to leave when i reminded him that we didn't have to be any where at a certain time.
but the girls waiting tables acted like it was their first day, slow and never coming back to see if you wanted tea.
We stopped by Belks and i got some makeup because i  brake out in welts with any thing but Clinique
I was give out when we got home and didn't get my treadmill time in so i will have to do that tonight.
A day in the life of to boring retired people!!!!
Have a great sewing day friends and new followers.
Quilt happy


Jodi said...

Well, your blog is not boring! Love that green/gold block. said...

Blocks are wonderful. We no longer go to Applebees here either because of the same thing, and the food just was not up to par. So very sad.

StasaLynn said...

Beautiful blocks! I love your comment about "boring retired people".... Sounds like you are not boring at all, enjoying life and spending some great time together!

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Never boring Babs,we always say we don't know how we found time to go to work lol.
Sounds like you had a very busy day .Its still wet and very cold here.xx

Chatty Crone said...

I like the beige and neutral quilt.

I find Applebees music too loud as well.

Hope the mammogram came out well.

And nice to celebrate Valentine's day.

J Honda said...

Babs - you do make me smile :) much joy to you !