Saturday, February 8, 2014

Eli and Kari's quilt

Hi friends!
I saw this and got it to go in the camo quilt for Eli and Kari's quilt.
This is a very poor picture but it is light brown and has little deer in it and Eli hunts
  This is the two fabric's that i bought for it , the green is the right color but the text on it is about quilting.  When you buy on line sometimes it doesn't look like what you though it did.
But i have always wanted some text fabric.. So now i have it!!!!!
This is the block i made with it, light but i think it will go with all the camo colors.
This is the other block, i am taking the two first blocks apart and putting them back together right..  I will have 5 blocks made so i need to work on it today.
We had company all day yesterday so no sewing.
You should have seen her dragging her quilt when they said goodby, she was not leaving with out her 'Dora'

She is just two but she is a smart little cookie!!
Have a great sewing weekend friends.
Quilt happy


Valspierssews said...

Your blocks look great. I love that design.
valspierssews said...

Lovely blocks. Another quilt on my to do list. I like the fabric with the deer!

KatieQ said...

The block is a great choice and I love the way the little deer seem hidden in the fabric.

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

I have the templates for that block,will have to give it a try.Got plenty of scraps ,not buying fabric at the minute.
Hope you are keeping warm my friend.xx