Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A winter Bag

Just 15 days until the giveaway!
Hi friends!
I had this charm pack of "chez Moi" by Moda and it was calling my name,   saying bag, bag!!
So i started sewing yesterday!
Made it into a bag!
I am liking this for fall!
I may have gotten my straps a little to long but i love my new Handbag.
Just right for fall or winter.
Got up early to call the Dr.'s office, another uti and he wanted me to be sure and come right away, well i got a shot in my hip and another round of antibiotic.
It hadn't been a month since my last trip to the Dr. with that.
I have had 4 uti's  since May 26 of this year.
I am getting very tired of this!!!!!
Going to sew and forget about it!!!
Have a  great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

8 comments: said...

OK are they trying to help you prevent your UTI? I used to get them all the time. I started drinking a lot more water, cranberry juice and some other things and I don't get them often anymore. Usually only if I take antibiotics. Enough of my growling for the day your bag turned out lovely.

Rina Mason said...

Hope it gets cleared up this time and doesn't come back. I really like how the bag turned out.

Kay said...

Great bag, I love charm packs because they are so versatile. Also, they save me cutting which is something I don't enjoy. x

Barb said...

Love the bag....sorry about the UTI

Swedish Scrapper said...

Wonderful fun, quick project! Love your fall bag! Hope this is the last uti! They are no fun.

Jean said...

I like making bags sometimes as a change from quilt making. Faster projects for sure. This one is cute!

Bev said...

Love your bag! Sorry about the dr trips! XOXO

Chatty Crone said...

What does your doctor say about having so many? Maybe you need to be checked out further.