Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fabric and soup

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
These are the blocks i made Sunday.
Yesterday we were gone most of the day paying bills getting grocerys and Tommy going to the Dr..
We got home about 4:30 and i made soup
I had been planning on making some for a while but i keep giving away the tomato's. I also washed 3 loads of clothes! we didn't eat supper until 7.
I did get some fabric.  The green will be borders for the Camo quilt.  I haven't got the camo yet because i hadn't ordered in a while and they had sent us a new card and changed some things on it.  So i should get it this week!
The white with blue is just because!
It was calling my name!
Maybe i will get a lot of sewing today. If Tommy doesn't want to go some where.
If he needs gas for one of his toys we may have to go to town to get some.  Hopefully i should get to sew.
Have a great sewing  day friends.
Quilt Happy

4 comments: said...

How big are your hugs and kisses blocks? Like your fabric acquisitions.

Chatty Crone said...

Girl you are amazing - the quilts are beautiful as the soup and vice versa.

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Soup looks good,fetch some

andsewon said...

Soup looks yummy! w
Will be nice on those colder days to pull out a jar of summer! Pretty fabrics. Hope you got to sew!