Tuesday, August 12, 2014

College bound and Nette's Quilt

Hi friends!
My daughter's quilt on her bed!
She loved it.
Her girls came to see us Friday because Anna had  to  leave to go to college on Sat. and i sent the quilt home with them.
Anna is the one on the left.
On the right is our Angel, she graduates this next June.
Then the next year Jarrod and Allison does!
We have a lot of grands in school and several in college now.  Michael , Kristan, and Anna are in college here and there.  Anna is going to college  in Gainsville Ga.  Kristan  , who they have already asked  to be on the year book staff, will be going to Berry in Rome and Michael is on his last year at 'Ole miss'
So we will have high school and college grads next   June.
My grands are growing up!!!
Have a great sewing day friends
Quilt Happy


Chatty Crone said...

You have lots of education and quilting going on there. Love the quilt. said...

That is so cool that you have so many grand kids, and great grand kids that are going to college. I could not afford to go years ago, and my kids did not go. I hope that we can get our grand kids to go.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Ohhh, such a lovely make! Those churns are fabulous!