Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Grand's pictures

Hi friends.
This is my beautiful grand daughter Anna. Isn't she beautiful? We are blessed with beautiful grand daughters and handsome grand sons.
Anna goes to college in Gainsville and is staying with my son and his family.
She put some pictures on face book yesterday that i wanted to show you.

They got their power back on yesterday , just hope it stays on with all that ice on every thing.
I know up North it's much worse but 3 of my grand kids are out there. and my only son and his wife so i hope their power stays on.
I will be so glad to see spring!!!!
Quilt Happy

5 comments: said...

Pretty girl and lovely pictures. Isn't it amazing?

Julierose said...

A beautiful granddaughter!! Aren't you lucky??? We are expecting more snow this weekend and ice/freezing rain/thaw and flash freeze!! Phew!!
I am tired just thinking about it!!
I have been slowly knitting and making a little headway with my ability to knit--yaya!
I made three more little pink "Eye of God" scrap blocks today and then went to visit Mom in between snow storm events at her Nursing Home..
...yesterday went to see my son and his two little sweet girls, Willa and Fiona --what a wonderful time we had. I thought WE had a lot of snow--They easily have over 4 feet--his driveway is like a Grand Canyon of snow...hugs, Julierose

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I HATE that the south is getting a piece of this awful weather. They are so ill equipped to deal with it. Heck, we are ill equipped in Northern Indiana to deal with -30 wind chills as my frozen pipes attest.

Your granddaughter is beautiful.
xx, Carol

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Beautiful girl Babs.Stay home and sew out of the cold.I had my two grandsons today while Natalie took my granddaughter to town birthday shopping.We just took them home and I have to Im worn

Love Of Quilts said...

Hope everyone stays safe. I will be glad to see spring.