Friday, November 9, 2018

Q-Bee's Quilt of Valor

Hi friends!
This morning our quilt group ,Q-Bees gave my brother-in-law his quilt of valor. His name was picked from a long list of names of men and women from the Menlo area that served in our armed forces.
The whole school did a program honoring our vets. I did a video of the whole service but my camera must not can record that long and I didn't know it so it's just until Roger walked up to get his quilt.
I didn't even know all this took place every year. Just one of many services when it gets close to Nov 11th. Most of my uncles  , plus my daddy , my brother and first husband served. By most of my uncles I mean lots because my daddy was one of 15.
The one with my Mom blacked out  next to him is my daddy. I had lots of Uncles that served during WW2. All of them came home!
None of them are alive now , my dad died in 1972.
But they all went and fought for our freedom. Then came home went to work and raised their kids.
I am proud of them all.
Have a good weekend


Chatty Crone said...

I wand to thank you for the service of all the military in your family. I am glad that your BIL got the blanket.

America strong.

Julierose said...

that is wonderful...great group work hugs, julierose

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I was so sad when the Nation didn't honor our Viet Nam Vets when they came home. I am so glad it does now. My father was in Korea during the war and came back pretty screwed up. My husband was in Korea at the DMZ when they captured the Pueblo. He went to Korea and his brother went to Viet Nam. If only this world could find a way to settle differences without violence.
xx, Carol

SM S said...

Hi Barb how wonderful ,great post,I am als happy that your BIL got the quilt,hope you have a lovely Sunday.