Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This and That

Hi friends!
Another cloudy day!
I cleaned my Janome yesterday, i cleaned my Brother last week
I am doing so good!!!
I am thinking about doing some thing like this for my one Christmas thing a month.
I could do one a month and have a cute wall hanging to give for Christmas.
I want to learn to do applique , since i don't know how this may look kind of wonky!!
I cooked some of our home grown pinto beans yesterday, i love them but they do a number on Tommy so we don't eat them often.
I just put up a few jars and we have used a lot of them.
I think we will plant some more this year in our garden.
This is for people that doesn't read my other blog  Here
Click the here for a link to my other blog!
I am making a swoon quilt for us on it.
This is the kind of mess you have when you are working on two quilts!
I can never find what i need .
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

3 comments: said...

I lost 5- 1 1/2 inch blocks today for about an hour. I didn't have any more of the fabric, and wanted to use it in the blocks. Um yeah they had slid under my machine. After I threw scraps all over the place looking.

Jen said...

HI, Barbara,Applique looks lovely .I have enough trouble measuring and cutting one quilt at a time. I make mess with one.I am also thinking of a Christmas wall hanging BOM project.

Betty said...

Love the quilt. I have never planted pinto beans. Do they take up alot of space in the garden.