Friday, March 16, 2018

Angel's Quilt

Hi Friends!
I got Angel's quilt starched an ironed on the back and the front.
It's by the sewing machine waiting for me to decide on a pattern and decide on the color of thread to use. White would show up to much on the color.
I have been just grabbing some battening scraps and if it's over 13 inches both ways I start sewing down strips.
I emptied some bags I had put in totes and got a bunch more ! Want the blocks to be 12 inch's square.
It's great to just use these up!
I have scraps every where.
With this and Missy's quilt I am using up a lot! Just not enough.
Pray for the snow storms to stop up North and let those people clean up and get every one's power back on.
Have a great weekend


Julierose said...

Angel's quilt is going to be so lovely--why not use white thread for the whites and turquoise for that part that is turquoise--just following the zig-zag lines? hugs, (doing my "No More Snow" dance) Julierose said...

I like Julierose's idea. Looking great.

Chatty Crone said...

Her idea sounds good to me too. Work tho.

sewyouquilt2 said...

That Julie is a smartie. What she said lol... yes hoping no more snow ugh....
Liking those strings. I am slabbing my scraps at tbe moment

KatieQ said...

I love the way your string blocks look. I have never done them directly on batting so I am eager to see your method of putting them together.