Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Angels Pillow Sham's

Hi friends!
This is how I do my pillow shams , envelope style. I got both of them finished yesterday after taking jack the ripper to the second one.
Today I plan on sandwiching her quilt.
My son gave me these years ago after he bought some land on the mountain about 30 minutes from us. Of course it was in Alabama.
There was a old home place on his land where the house had fallen in and these were planted around the foundation. They sold it a few years later and moved but he built a beautiful house on his land. Now they live 2 1/2 hours away in another beautiful house. But they work hard for what they have and  now have two kids in College to pay for. Addie was go in a year and a half.
Both children got all kinds of scholarships but College is very expensive now.
When my son was born , my sis went to college in Ga. for 1500 a whole year. Now its many times that.
My sis worked some to after the first year where they had to stay in the dorm.
Krissy works two jobs! Times have really changed. and pay checks has not keep up!
End of lecture!
Have a good day
Prays for our quilting buddy's up North with all this snow.


Chatty Crone said...

Is there anything you can;t sew and make?

College is soooooooooo incredibly expensive - you have that right.


Julierose said...

Yes college is way too expensive these days. My daughter has one in and 3 to go...Steven got two scholarships so that was a huge help in fees...
I love how your sham came out...What a lovely set these plus the quilt will make...hugs, Julierose