Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hi friends!!!
Great day i feel better so maybe i can get more done....
Made some more blocks ,can't have to much pink because her husband will sleep under it to.
Hubby is outside changing the oil in his john deere. If he doesn't burn up he is going to change  the oil in his red tractor too.
 Thursday is our 15th anniversary, honey i lucked out when i got this one!!!! I love him dearly!!!!  He is the best!!!!  My first husband drank and that is a life of misery , so it makes be love him all the more!!!!
My favorite , there are no favorites things about him every thing is great.  He is not perfect but when he gets mad it's with a tool or a lawn mower.  Any thing i wont he says get it!!!! But i handle the bills so i know what i can get and what i can't
Need i say it , he makes me very happy
I have bored you enough for today.
Good sewing    Quilt Happy


Jodi said...

Not bored at all, Barbara! I love to hear a true love story - so nice that you found a good man! Congrats!
Lovely blocks, too!

lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Not bored at all,every woman deserves a good man,
and like yours ,mine is also a true gem.I have been married 35years this year,and count my blessings.
Your blocks are comming along nicely,you choose all the colours I like.
Enjoy your anniversary.
Laura xx

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Parabéns minha linda,que Deus continue abençoando essa união,não se importe em ser feliz é tudo de bom.Estou gostando dos blocos,quero ver pronta.Beijos e continue feliz.