Friday, August 24, 2012

baby things and a win

HI friends!!!!  a great day.
i am going to call this a wonky strip baby quilt and pretend i wonted it that way!!!! i have another row made and another one cut out ready to do. next week i will get some batting for it and decide what i wont to do on the back. i want to get it done so as soon as i find out what kelly is having i can get started on one for her. i am starting a pink and white crocheted blanket to go with this quilt for the one i already know. they are calling her" miss emma" already on facebook.

that wonderful handbag pattern is mine!! i won it form "at home with mrs. H" the first of the week, i have to get some things and then i wont to try to make it.  i have been wanting a pattern for a bag for a long time.
i love this pattern an can't wait to try it.

after a day of doing nothing yesterday hubby is cutting grass and will be cutting most of the day.  he cuts nearly 5 acres .  he takes a few breaks and comes in to get him a snack.
good sewing friends   quilt happy

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Miss Holly said...

5 acres!!!! Wow!! That's a big big the bag are going to have fun with that..I love the squares on the bottom and one color on the top...I think I might try something like fun to do baby things ..I am doing the same..just did a fleece blanket and crocheted the edging....have fun!!